Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laugh it out

In the middle of a typical work day, I found this picture in my Facebook wall.
Yes, hands up! I admit to steal some working hours to check my Facebook account.
The first three words I found
1. Funny
2. Broke
3. Fat

LOL! I know this was just a fake and silly game. But all the words I have captured describe me.

The past days have not been good for me. Minor problems, worries and issues about myself are just starting to pile and distract me. God perhaps wanted to cheer me up so aside from this useless funny thing, I also had a good laugh, with my bestfriend in the workplace, during our afternoon break.

Thank you Lord for making me happy, despite of everything.


  1. Oh my goodness this made me giggle. It is a silly first 3 words - love, fab(not really a word is it? But, I use it all the time. lol) and my third word - bad! what!? lol. You are the sweetest...and I think your last sentence is absolute truth. HE can make us happy, no matter what!Thank you for giving me some happiness today. :)

  2. haha this is funny
    i found:


    :D this is fun!


  3. LOL Funny. Lovely. Beautiful. ;P

    I say the word lovely all the time!!!! :D

  4. I'll never tell the words I found...not what I expected. Thanks for the fun little game.

  5. Dianne, I steal a few moments at work to check Facebook and Blogger too. I'm in the middle of a meeting right now (meeting still going on by the way as I write) when I saw this. And first 3 words I saw were:

    - Fat
    - Lovely
    - Beautiful

    Haha! Haba ng hair ko! Kasi naman, Beautiful is right under Lovely. Thanks for sharing this game. It's enough to keep me sane today.

  6. I hate you! Hahahahahaha! The first word I got is FAT, then LOVELY, then FUNNY! Still, I have to stop being in denial! I am getting fat nowadays!


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