I usually spend my previous birthdays at work. Though I could easily take a leave on my day, I prefer not to do it for reasons I don't know. I have been blessed with superiors who easily approve vacation leaves but unfortunately, I don't take advantage of it. I know a lot of people might slap me for not using this privilege. I'm throwing an opportunity which some people have to beg and pray for. Well, sometimes life is painfully designed that way, right? You cannot get what you really want. If you are one of those who are bored and unhappy with a blooming career and lovelife, then consider me as your greatest envious enemy. LOL, so we are now even. 

On my past birthdays, I wake up early for work, get up in a new dress, treat my closest friends for merienda and later have dinner with them. I go home late and check my Facebook and other social networking accounts. This is my usual, monotonous but happy birthday celebrations.

Over the past days, I found myself contemplating on the idea of changing my usual birthday celebrations. All of a sudden, I am longing for a three-day birthday vacay. If given the chance, I would like to spend my birthday in a relaxing place. I wanted to be in a place that is quiet, tranquil and close to nature. My ideal place is a combination of Tagaytay, Caleruega and Club Balai Isabel.

I will sleep in a relaxing log cabin that provides me a spectacular view of the entire place

have breakfast in the terrace while enjoying the view and sunrise

feel the cool morning breeze and walk along the shores

In the afternoon, I'll be served with my favorite dishes

and in the evening, I wanted to experience this
Photo from Wikipedia
which I fell in love from this movie,
Scene from Tangled
Some may find this silly, but I still believe in the magic of these childish things. Not all people know, but I am a proud grown up who remains to be very kid at heart.