The bulk of workload I had last week was crazy. Most of them arise from my teaching tasks. The papers to read are drowning me to the fullest. Just when I needed to stay in the office to review papers, my boss sent me to a 2-day seminar. This means I will be away from my computer, papers and other workload. Though I can always bring the paper works at home, this is something I vowed to avoid. I wanted to clearly separate work from home. I don't want to turn our home as an office extension. Home should be a place to rest, rejuvenate and spent quality time with the family. But that seems to be true only in words... How about my working blog friends, are you forced to bring work in your respective homes?

Despite the wrong timing of the two-day seminar, attending one is something I look forward. I learn new things and meet people from different industries. My expectations were high and I was hoping for an exceptional experience, given the fact that the registration fee is quite expensive. Unfortunately, everything turned out to be a regretful experience. Poor logistics and I found some speakers not knowledgeable enough to discuss the topics assigned to them. The organizers were not good in time management so there were idle time during the session. To kill time, I was forced to buy this book

Just when I promised myself to become more prudent this year......

Despite the unpleasant experience, some few good things happened on that two long days of sacrifice. I met my friend Anne and we had dinner in an Italian restaurant. The place was relaxing because I was treated with this scenery

Not really the most fantastic garden in the world, but pieces of greenery in the middle of a busy workplace is enough to relax my always worried and weary soul.

On the second day of the seminar, I decided to meet up my former students. We had lunch together

 We look like we are of the same age, right? ;-) Though our meet up lasted less than an hour, I was so happy to see my former proteges. They all bloomed and turned out to become successful professionals. They are living proofs that I have done something good in my years of existence.

They are life's little but great surprises for me.