Watching movies has always been one of my favorite past time activities. When I turned 18, my father gave me my own VCD player and that further intensified my movie addiction. During vacation, I would cocoon in my room for a day and watch like 5 consecutive movies. On those days, only three hindrances can hamper my movie marathon, when I need to eat, take a bath and pee. Other than that, no disturbances could ever hinder my addiction.

Aside from a quality story, handsome leading man, :-)  I always look forward in the setting or location of each film. Since venturing in traveling is expensive and never a priority in my family, films were always instrumental in bringing me to the greatest places I never imagined to have existed. And I'm not talking about places that made it to the seven wonders of the world. Some of most of them are just plain restaurants, stores and streets that appealed to me in one way or another. Allow me to share some of them in this post

1. Juliet's Wall in Verona

Found in Italy, this was a significant place in the movie, Letters to Juliet. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) discovered a place where anyone can post love letters on the wall of what was believed as Juliet's house. Sophie later found a group of ladies who answers all the letters and that led to the development of the story. 

2. Shakespeare Bookstore - Notting Hill

Sadly, my dream to reach this place is already impossible. I read from this article that this famous London travel bookstore was already closed.

3. Central Park in Manhattan provided the best locations in most of my favorite romantic films

Central Park West - The Devil Wears Prada

Central Park : The Mall - Serendipity

Central Park Bow Bridge  - The Mirror Has Two Faces

The Loab Boathouse - 27 Dresses

4. New York Public Library - Sex and the City (the movie)

Photo Source here

5. Staglin Family Vineyard in Rutherford California - The Parent Trap

Back when Lindsay Lohan was young, sweet, innocent :D

Photo Source here

6. Oak Hill - Sweet Home Alabama

They used the place's lawn for the wedding

7. Serendipity III - Serendipity

8. Santorini - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

9. Chatsworth House - The Duchess

How about you? I would love to hear your all time favorite "reel places."

P.S. All pictures used in this post are not owned by the author. Sources are linked to each picture