Saturday, February 4, 2012

Diane destresses

The solution for stress? DESTRESS! Loosen up, unwind, do the things that will make you happy. Teaching has been giving me some reasons to quit and it's not just because of the bulk of work. I have learned to handle deadlines and all the paper works. But when your principles and character that become tested, then there's another kind of tougher stress that lies ahead. Whew! This requires some great deal of decision making.

I started my "destressing"after my 8 am to 5 pm office job last Friday. I treated myself to a Hair Spa and finally, a Hair Cut. Although honestly, I'm not happy with my new look. The stylist made it shorter than I expected. But I have no point to complain now. Everything is done and what I can do is to wait till it grows again. If a member of the male populace is reading this then I would surely get one irritated. LOL Why make a fuss over a simple hair problem? :D
Before and After... how come before looks better?
The destressing activity wasn't over. Or did I just get more stressed with my hair?  I met my friend Anne this morning in our favorite mall. I treated my tummy to a much craved seafood pasta and mango crepe..heaven! Good food brings good mood! After our bulgy belly meal, we finally watched the US film version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I already watched the Swedish version of the film and sorry to say, I preferred it more. 

Though I wasn't happy with the movie, I had a great time with my friend Anne and I believe that matters more. Before Anne and I called it a day, I thought I am going to end up prudent and proud of not being able to buy anything...not until I saw this shirt
 Shopaholic hormones attack! 

Can you resist me? LOL Can't wait to wear this! 

Wishing everyone a great, happy and relaxing weekend!


  1. I don't think any woman is ever happy with her haircut...ever. It's just our nature. It is hard to tell the difference in your hair length. It looks just a tad shorter to me but it could be the photo.

    I agree that one should do whatever it takes to de-stress! For me, it's reading. Shopping is a good cure too!

  2. What a funny shirt :)
    I rarely go to the hair salon precisely because I come out looking worse! I don't know, but most don't know how to style my hair.
    Is yours layered now? It looks like it in the after picture.
    As for your question: I am probably in the bottom third ;-) oh well.

    1. Hi Duni! Yes it was layered...badly layered. My first attempt to actually place a little style on my hair turned out as a nightmare. Thank you for liking my shirt btw :) happy wekend!

  3. Oh my gosh!! She did cut a lot of your hair off!!! Sounds like you really treasure your hair length. It looks pretty though. :) Very nice and healthy and flowy. and happy! Do you have someone else take the pictures? How did you get a picture of the back of your hair so easily? I always struggle with that! :)

    That crepe sounds delicious! I've never heard of a crepe filled with so many amazing foods before. I must find something like this....

    and. that is so funny about the movie... one of my friends saw the Swedish version a while ago as well and she said she preferred it over the US version too. I think I'll have to find this Swedish version...

    love the shirt!!!!

    and I hope that you have been able to do some thinking about your teaching job. I hope the answers come to you.. and that while they do... you are able to relax and destress a little bit more. :)

    1. Hi amanda! Yes I really treasure my hair despite the fact that it is so unruly. Its just that it looks better here in this picture. As to how i took the pictures, i just used the timer settings of my camera and position it in the right angle

  4. Ah yeah.. the 'before' looks better. Awww.. no worries, it'll grow fast.. so you can restyle again. hehehe :)

  5. Weird thing about stylists... they ALWAYS cut way shorter than instructed. I think they are using another measuring system because last time I got a hair cut... my 2 inches was way way different from her definition of 2 inches *sigh*. It will grow back Dianne... and at least your hair is still long enough for my all-time favorite solution to hair issues: PONY TAILS :)

    1. ay tama ka dyan Janelle! Pasaway lang tlaga yun iba. exag ang measurement system. Thanks :)

  6. Your hair looks good in both pics but maybe the light on the first made it look shinier. Sometimes when life is very stressful it is hard to shake it off and let go. I am so sorry you are having such a tough time right now. I hope calmer more relaxed days are ahead whatever you decide. Keep us posted.

  7. Hey girl, don't stress. Your hair looks lovely. Keep your chin up and I hope you have a brighter day tomorrow!


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