Monday, June 25, 2012

For the love of the ball game

It's been a while since I last watched a live basketball game. Though I'm no longer the carefree, lousy and energetic student, I was there to cheer for the school where I work for.

Our school is one of the oldest members of this collegiate league in the Philippines. Since we are the league's host, we were there to cheer for the team and the entire school. Our efforts paid off because we won the first game of the season

Back in college, I went to a school that doesn't actively participate in athletic organizations. So it's only now when I can experience cheering for a team. I love the experience and enjoyed the crowd of students and alumni.

Here are some pictures to prove the happiness and excitement

 We almost filled up the entire venue.

  The victory shot

Hoping for the next championship :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Something arrived

Last week, I was the one sending out packages to some friends. Before the weekend began, I was surprised and happy to find out that I was the one receiving my own package.
This was my first time to receive such huge box from LBC. Is this really for me?

I later realized that the box is not a package of heavenly goodies. Why? It's because it contains this

Say hello to my freelance work! They are supplementary reading materials sent by Client 2.

I'll be honest. I will not be able to read them all

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the work with these materials. I have a Tuesday deadline but look what I'm doing now? :)

Will finish this all for the love of writing and freelance work!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Beautiful Sunday # 9 - Recycled and Upcycled

Last Sunday I compiled some of the repurposed home pieces I have seen in the blogosphere. I have also mentioned that I'm developing a serious interest on repurposing and upcycling. My greatest dream now is to own a business venturing to this field. But with the way my life is going now, such is far from reality. I have bills to pay, savings account to fatten and other life issues to settle. :) Anyway, for now allow me to enjoy compiling and sharing some beautiful recycled and upcycled pieces that never fail to amaze me.

Photo Source here
Used light bulbs that can be reused as a unique chandelier
Photo Source here
 Plastic cups and clothes' clamps make a nice hanging lamp too.
Photo Source here
 Another way to recycle used light bulbs
Photo Source here
 For your dining table
Photo Source here
 Old milk bottles and some alterations can make to another nice hanging lamp
Photo Source here
Shuttle cocks converted as a hanging decorative piece

Chairs are another common medium of recycling
Photo Source here
Chairs made of...would you believe? GUN SHELLS

A closer look
Photo Source here

Photo Source here
 made of spare and unused steel

Photo Source here

 CDs we often throw away in the office
Photo Source here
 How many parties I have to attend to make this? :)

Photo Source here
 Made of bended metals 
Photo Source here
this one is made of processed but used plastic 
Both chairs reminds me of the expensive Kenneth Cobonpue furniture
Photo Source here

A good idea of what I can do to my dormant stamp collection
Photo Source here

Ottoman made of scraps of cloth

Do you have recycled pieces at home? Please share them here. I would love to see them. :)

Have a Beautiful Sunday!

All Photos used in this post are not owned by the author. Original sources are linked below each photo.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Composure and Truthfulness

My previous post reflects of how things transpired at the work place over the past days. I still have tomorrow before this week ends. Whew! Since it would be Friday tomorrow, I hope God will give me a pre-weekend breather. At any case, after all what prevailed over the past days, I AM READY. I have been tested and I can’t anymore imagine anything worst to happen.

As much as I wanted to detail the events that rattled me over the past four days, I feel that it would be best if I keep things to myself.  What I would rather share are a few things that made me thankful and gave me a new set of realizations about work and life.

First realization: COMPOSURE

Composure never fails to save the day. I have proven that this principle never fails to work in those instances when someone is trying to engage me in a spat. For the record, I received one of the hardest slaps of harsh words in my career this week. Award!!
I have been provoked many times but I can humbly claim that I never joined their game. I never added fuel to their fire, in like manner that I never sparked any fire. My silent personality is perhaps the main reason why I maintained my hard earned composure. I guess my few years of teaching have also contributed in making me learn the skill in extending patience. Patience planted from teaching served me well and all those experiences when composure successfully prevailed conditioned me to hold on to this attitude.

Second realization: TRUTH

Whatever happens, always stick with the truth. One of those many values that are always easier said than done. I wouldn’t claim total compliance with this principle. I have my own share of concealing some truth especially when expected accomplishments of the office are concerned. We cover up for things that were left unaccomplished. Hiding the truth is already an offense. However, when hiding the truth meant pulling down other people to your self-imposed misfortune, it mutates to a disaster that later yields more innocent victims. Yes, I became one of the major casualties of some intentionally maligned information. I was placed at the losing end. I confessed that the situation made me furious to the extent that I wanted to finally break free from my hard earned composure. But in God’s grace, the good in me prevailed. Diplomacy, professionalism and values reigned in me.

After the incident, I realized that in a way, everything that happened was still a blessing. I now know what kind of person they are. I was tested. I was able to show my principles. More importantly, three important things happened

1. I learned a lesson.
2. I was able to teach them their much needed lesson and
3. I was able deliver my message the way I wanted them to receive it.

I may be caught as the catch basin of a storm. I was the unfortunate underdog. However, I know that I can still walk out with my head held up high because I allowed my composure and truthfulness to come our way.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This doesn't count as a blog post

I got nothing interesting to post over the past days. I've never been this tired since 2012 began. As I'm typing this post I'm staring at the wall and wishing that this will soon be over. Anyway, one of my Facebook contacts shared this

Credits to whoever is the original owner of this picture

Wishing everyone a better and lovely day!

Wait, should I be the one telling that to myself? :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life over the past days

It's been two weeks when I went back to teaching. Everything is manageable now except for the freelance works that I'm still struggling to finish. Speaking of freelance works, my past clients still left me hanging in the tree of uncertainty. I can really feel the impact of my little misfortune especially now that I'm going #BROKEbackmountain (as how me and my friends would exaggeratedly term the condition of feeling almost penniless). I'm painfully learning something from this experience... Right now, I think I need someone to peel a packaging tape and stick it on my mouth to stop me ranting.:D

Before I forget that it's still Beautiful Sunday, I should start by mentioning my current reads.

I'm still enjoying Jane Green's Bookends.
I got my copy for only Php 75 from Booksale. I'm enjoying Jane Green's writing style so I'm extending her to my iPad read.

Seductive legs? Yes, but this is not an adult fiction. :) It's on the contrary a witty and hilarious read that relates the struggles of a single and oversized woman who falls in love for.... Wait? Is this my life story? LOL 

Thanks again Kaith for recommending Jane Green.

Weeks before my classes started, I mentioned that I cleaned my room and I found these old letters in my treasure chest

Letters from my South Korean penfriends! You know how much this country interests me these days. My regret now is that I stopped exchanging letters with them. If only I pursued our letter writing friendship, I have them for more than 10 years now. More importantly, my dream of visiting South Korea and finally meeting Mr. P is closer to reality LOL

Lastly, I'd like to post my an update to my journal project.
Hi Ricki! I hope I'm not annoying and giving you regrets of accepting me in the challenge. :)

This probably marks the end of my attempt to rekindle my interest over arts and crafts. Calling my lifeline, Jenn, Jen, Janelle and Betsy, can I loan your talents for a while?

I know this appears to be a lousy post. This reflects the fact that I feel unproductive over the past days. I've been accumulating tardiness records again. I don't get my much needed sleep. I'm not satisfactorily progressing with my two freelance works. I suffered from slight fever and colds over the past days and for some reason, I feel lazy and unmotivated over the past weeks. Sigh.. Hoping things and life will be better over the next days.

Beautiful Sunday # 8 - Loving everything repurposed

After the repurposed ladders, I'm beginning to develop a degree of obsession to repurposed furniture. I found myself searching for other unique repurposed pieces

Here are some pieces I love.

Photo Source here
The classic suitcase turned to a cozy sofa. Never did I imagine this. Since it comes it color blue, it automatically became one of my favorites.

Photo Source here
I hope my friend Duni would be able to see this. Hi Duni! I think this is FURpect for your Sammy and Molly.

Photo Source here
This is another way to repurpose a vintage suitcase. A side table and the inside that can serve as an additional storage space.

Photo Source here
The shabby drawer cabinet could serve as a space for pieces of greeneries.

Photo Source here
One of my favorites in this post. However, my heart bleeds for the books that can never be read again. :)

Another ladder redo that I love

Photo Source here
So shabby chic!

Photo Source here
For your kitchen, a versatile and moving drawer cabinet. 
Photo Source here
Old wooden boxes transformed to useful hanging shelves. Refurbished wood can provide an elegant classic look to any space.

Photo Source here
When side tables are no longer needed, transform them to space saving shelves.

Photo Source here
Old glossy pages and a sturdy glass top =  instant side table!

Photo Source here
This is  something out of my imagination. Coffee cups turned as chandeliers? Never did I imagine as well.

Photo Source here

Another way to repurpose books

Photo Source here

I would love to have something like this in my room.

Photo Source here
 Old telephone directories turned to pen holders.

Photo Source here
My dining table could be like this. I won't mind the disorganized books.

Photo Source here
Books turned to floating shelves.

Happy Father's Day

This never fails to melt my heart.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Repurposing ladders

Before the school year started, I decided to clean my room and throw away those papers, magazines, reference materials and other books I have not been using. It took me almost a day to sort out and finish everything. Ironically, I have a small room yet I always allow myself to accommodate a lot of unnecessary things. As I browsed the few magazines I have, I saw this

At least for my friends, they know me as the last person who would ever purchase this kind of magazine. I don't know what forces and spirits made me bought a Singaporean based home and lifestyle magazine. Perhaps, I just wanted to display something in our living room back when I purchased this. I admit that of the years I had this magazine, I never had the chance to browse and read the entire contents.

I checked the magazine and look what I found 

How unique and innovative!

This in effect made me google more ways to repurpose a typical ladder.
Photo Source here
Shabby chic!
Photo Source here

Photo Source here
Photo Source here

Photo Source here

Photo Source here
Imagination at its finest :)

 In your room
Photo Source here

Photo Source here
I was amazed of these simple creativity and imagination. If destiny will allow me build my own place, repurposed ladders will surely be included in my home pieces.

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