The past week was all about chasing tickets and supporting our school's basketball team. Unfortunately, we failed to reclaim the 17th championship. However, the good news is, I've never seen a crowd of students, employees and alumni all united for that one great wish

All seats were occupied from the Patron to the General Admission areas. Days before the game, I witnessed another drama of outpouring support. As early as 7 am, supporters lined up in the school's Finance Office to purchase their most coveted tickets. When 11 am came, all tickets were already sold.

We didn't win but to witness the unexpected volume of support was priceless. My only wish now, the other sports and events will continue to receive the same level of love and support.  

Sad and disappointed, I ended up pouring my frustration to a long and deep sleep. haha Again, I overindulged myself with one of my favorite and unhealthiest hobby. I don't have plans of taking breakfast simply because I was so lazy to get up. What only forced me to finally move out of bed is this
The sun was all up contrary to the rainy afternoon we experienced the other day. While I always love the cold temperature of the rainy days, I'm more afraid and concerned with the threats of another disastrous flooding. My favorite time of the year is about to come in a few months. I wouldn't want another disaster to ruin my country again.

I spent the entire day reading my books and being blessed with healthy home cooked meals. I forgot to take pictures of our vegetable lunch, which I badly needed after being carnivorous haha over the past days to weeks.

As for our merienda, my mother prepared my favorite homemade potato chips. 

Bless my body for the excessive fatty oil. But I guess, my only consolation for this is that I'm eating real potatoes.

Before the week ended, I also treated myself to this
Yay! California Maki will remain one of  my reliable comfort foods. While other women need chocolates to boost their sad self, I have my own set of unique and unexpected of guilty pleasures.

Another food, fruit to be specific that I overindulged myself
To my foreign blog friends, allow me to introduce you to Lanzones. The fruit looks like small potatoes from afar. They are clustered like grapes, but they grow from real trees. The inner part of the fruit contains a bitter seed, which is covered by sweet, clear and solid gel substance. In the Philippines, the southern provinces are best to grow this fruit. Aside from the Philippines, Lanzones also thrives in selected Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Oh and as always, my favorite guilty pleasure
 My overused silver pair of flats from Payless Shoesource keeps me happy.

How about you? What are your guilty pleasures?