Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 32 - Hello December!

This is my first Beautiful Sunday post for my favorite month of the year. I want to make this month really merry so I'm compiling all the beautiful things that made my week.

Terra and Agua Flats
 Someone gave in to her shopaholic attack. Tsk tsk 

The truth is I was just window shopping when I encountered this pair of dainty flats. I never had plans of purchasing another plastic shoes but the person handling Terra and Agua's Facebook account was so accommodating. I felt obliged to compensate their excellent customer service so there! I took home this pair and I never waited for Christmas or even my birthday to wear it.

As much as I love this pair, I unfortunately have minor issues with my first Terra and Agua. One is my feet felt uncomfortably compressed after hours of walking. I felt a tolerable level of pain on my ankles and small toes. Hopefully, the pain will go away after using the shoes more often. My other concern with this pair is the color that doesn't seem to complement my feet. I have the feeling that the light color made my feet appear darker. But of course, that's not the fault of the shoes. :-)


A waterproof shoes deserves a waterproof bag! Here's my first bag from Rootote, purchased from their ongoing sale here. If you like Cath Kidston and those cute PVC bags, head over to their site and take advantage of the huge discounts.


My Business Plan advisees joined the annual trade fair of the school. As a way of showing my support, I made everyday as a potato day. LOL My snacks for the entire week was potato chips or potato croquettes.

Everyone was hoping and praying to win that grand cash prize of the annual Bingo. The school's gym was jam packed with happy and excited students and employees. We didn't win but we surely had fun. 


The classic annual Field Demonstration of the Elementary and High School kids that we always look forward. Everyone was leaving their workstation to watch the performances of these kids. 

The winning team!


It was payday Friday so I treated myself to my favorite Taco Bell meal. I've been saying that while other girls consider chocolates as their comfort food, the carbo and calories loading Taco Bell meals will do for me.


I realized that I often patronize European and American authors. I forget to support my fellow Asians who are great writers too. So for my current read, I purchased Banana Yoshimoto's book. I will soon be writing a review for this.


Another foodie treat! My family's favorite egg pie from Goldilocks


Crafty afternoon! I thought I'm almost done with my Christmas list. I was about to perform the next step when I realized that I never bought gift wrappers. The pretentious-prudent-person in me doesn't want to spend again for those bundled colored wrappers. I again pretended that I have the genes of Martha Stewart so I forced myself to be creative. Old paper bags and unused ribbons from my defunct notepads business, voila!

No pictures for the tenth! Those who read my other blog or are close to me are aware of what happened in my freelance jobs this year. I can't remember if I mentioned it in my previous posts. It was a long story to relate. Let us just say that I'm not lucky with my freelance works this year. What's worst is that a relative was involved in my little misfortune. Sigh... Before the year is about to end, I was happy because two interested clients approached me. Of course, I'm giving my new clients a fair chance. It's just that the used to be interesting and exciting freelance work is now coupled with a certain level of fear. Hopefully, these two new clients will break that vicious cycle before 2012 ends.

Another reason to love this week are the warm and encouraging words my blog friends left in my previous posts. To all of you who have been sending me inspiring words, thank you! Thank you!

I hope everyone is having a Beautiful Sunday!


  1. Ang cute kaya nung shoes. Gusto ko din haha. Bagay naman sa paa mo e. :) and favorite ko din yung eggpie from Goldilocks! :)

  2. You've had a busy and eventful week. I wish I was sharing that Taco Bell meal with you and shopping at the stores you like. We would have such fun! Sweet hugs, name mate and friend!

  3. Hi Diane! Oh, I've enjoyed seeing the things that bring you joy! Now those little shoes are just darling! I'd like a pair like those and now you've left me hungry too. Thank you, sweetie, for popping in to see my mantel.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Hi Diane, I really enjoyed reading about your ten items. The food looked yummy and I think the shoes are so cute. Hope the feel better after breaking them in more. Wishing you the best with your endeavers!

  5. I love ballerina flats too! Your pair is very sweet with the bows! I hope they will adjust to your foot eventually :) These days I'm wearing mostly boots as it is freeeeeezing here!
    The student performance looks wonderful! I can't wait to read your review of the book. The author's name is intriguing!
    have a great week!

    1. Indeed for the author's name! Hope you are having a great week too Duni

  6. Diane I liked everything you posted here! The Taco Bell looks really delicious. I wish I had tried it there with you and bes before I left. I've been cutting my diet since I came here haha... and I loooved that craft. Looks classy! :D

    1. When we see each other again, promise I'll treat you :)

  7. Since they banned plastic bags in Quezon City, I have been collecting brown paper bags because I can't bear to throw them away, especially when they can still be re-used. I used them to wrap gifts too :)

    1. Yun oh, at least d ako nag-iisa sa gawain na ganun haha

  8. Oh and I love your shoes! pero naisip ko lang na sakit yata talaga ng plastic shoes yung sumasakit eventually after you've worn them for a while. Even my very comfortable baby doll Crocs does that kung suot ko buong araw.

  9. Hello Diane,
    I enjoyed reading about your favorite things! We are having a favorite things party next week with colleagues so I am looking forward to writing about it.
    Have a great week!

  10. Ang cute ng shoes mo, buti ka pa tolerable ung pain ako ngayon may sugat dalawa kong paa dahil sa sandals na binili ko, pero ganun talaga ako s una, kailangan magkakilala muna yung paa ko at sapatos, kakatrauma tuloy bumili at magsuot ng iba. =)

    1. Ang laki ng problema nating mga girls noh, sa ngalan ng kakikayan titiisin lahat haha


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