Two words to describe myself as I'm typing this post TIRED and HEAVY :(  I would like to believe that these are just pre-menstrual syndrome and not a bitter admission of unhealthy aging. In a way, I feel that my body is calling me to return to my regular weekend sacrifice ..... jogging. Otherwise, I might wake up as a pathetic 200 lbs. Nooooo But seriously, someone has to always remind and slap me of that possibility. In that way, I can start disliking my Coke upsizes, Taco Bell's belly heavy meals, guilty cake slices, quarter pound burgers... I think I'm inducing myself to crave haha

For some, the past week was a "love" celebration. But for me, the entire week meant going home late because of some pasaway (hard headed, stubborn, lazy count all those negative adjectives) college kids. These kids really taught me to own buckets of bottomless patience. Editing papers and cramming with them. So after a long day at work, I always treated myself to a heavy and unhealthy dinner. Bad! Bad! Bad! Here are some of the weight gaining indulgences I made

Two slices of sweet mangoes from my Nanay and an order of cheap Shawarma from the food cart inside the train station. For those who are not familiar, Shawarma is a sandwich made of pita bread and combination of different meat slices. The meat used can be made of chicken, beef, goat, lamb, and sometimes, turkey. In my case, what I have is the regular beef with slices of onion, tomato, cucumber and spicy ranch dressing. Obviously, this heavy sandwich is not something you should take if you have weight related problems like me.

On the night of Valentine's Day, I was so tired after having my evening classes. So before I headed home, I treated myself to this

California Maki from Teriyaki Boy and Figaro's Red Velvet cake to console the single self. :-D I finished the entire set of Maki by myself because of tirednesssss (What a great and lame excuse).

Figaro's Red Velvet cake is my newest favorite. I took detailed photos of the red velvet cake but (signs of aging) I can't find the file in my hard drive.

In a totally unrelated topic, I discovered this

black soap from Watsons. You know that I'm no beauty expert. In like manner that I'm not the best person to maintain a beauty regimen. But since my face is showing some signs of advanced aging, fine lines and dark circles around my eyes, I pressed the alarm button on. In effect, my trips to Watsons have become more frequent. I'm particularly searching for more organic beauty products that don't really wreck my super slim budget ;)

Ironically this black soap claims to whiten those dark areas in my face (Hello dark circles in my eyes! Meet your enemy)
Let's see if this organic being will work for me. I'll try to make a review but no, I'm not turning to a beauty blogger. :)

What are some beautiful things that made your week?