My recent trip to Palawan brought me some skin problems. The extreme rashes on my legs has been healed by incessant application of petroleum jelly. The only problem left now is my toasted and roasted face. I'm desperate to have my old skin back so as always, my trips to Watsons are becoming more frequent.

I've been searching for facial products that don't really whiten the skin. I wanted something that will restore my original skin tone.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen one from Watsons. In effect, I ended up purchasing whitening products. The first product I took home was Olay's Whitening Cream. After some weeks, I was encouraged to try Myra's VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion . I will not review any of these products. At this point, I'm not sure whether they are serving their purpose. I will instead share my experience with a facial cream from the locally produced organic line, Human Nature.

I can vouch for the effectiveness of the few Human Nature products I've tried. I started with their shampoos and conditioners. Even my Aunties have become loyal customers. The only problem with Human Nature is their limited distribution channels. We used to avail from a personal dealer. In my recent trip to the supermarket, I found a shelf of Human Nature products. Happiness! This means that I don't have to order and wait from an individual dealer. My shopaholic hormones attacked again so I went home with a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing oil and this night cream.

I wanted to write reviews for all the Human Nature products I'm using. But since they are too many to be squeezed in one post, let me start with their Moisturizing Night Cream.

Here's what the product claims

100% No harmful chemicals

Helps stimulate the regeneration of your skin and infuses it with maximum moisture while you sleep

Catch up on beauty sleep as our Night Moisturizing Cream works its magic overnight. Plant collagen infuses skin with maximum moisture as skin-essential vitamins and minerals help stimulate the regeneration of cells. Wake up with a refreshed, healthy glow!

Here's my personal review

Negative Points

1. Human Nature products are available in selected retail outlets such as Beauty Bar and Rustan's Supermarkets. You can also purchase online here or through a personal dealer. Some online shops like Lazada, Beauty Bar and Zalora also offer Human Nature products. You can also check out sites that offer coupons for big savings like CouponKirin. You can try coupons for a moisturizing night cream on CouponKirin.

2. It doesn't complement my oily skin. Since it's in cream, my face feels oily as soon as I apply it.

3. It doesn't easily dry on my skin. To remove the sticky feel, I have to dry my face through the electric fan ;) Otherwise, my face will magnet all the dust inside the house haha

4. If skin regeneration (as what it claims) meant hiding those fine lines and achieving an even skin tone, the product still has to prove that it really addresses this aspect. I haven't felt these effects of the three months I've been using it.

Positive Points

1. It's organic! It responds to the market's growing preference of shifting to all natural.

2. Each bottle has a visible expiration date.

3. It's relatively cheaper as compared to other mass produced local moisturizers. The small (50 ml) bottle costs Php 149.50.

4. I love the pump packaging. It prevents spillage.

5. It lasts for a long time. My first purchase is still alive. I've been using it for 3 months. A small amount of the cream can cover your entire face.

6. No strong scent. Though some bloggers find the scent weird. For me, it smells like a mild baby powder.

7. Skin feels softer as soon as I wake up. This is the immediate effect I've observed. Except for the oily feel, skin feels softer even if I deprived myself of sleeping hours.

8. It lessened the pain of my sunburns. On the first few days after my trip to Palawan, I would feel a burning sensation everytime I use my black pearl soap or any facial wash. After applying the cream, the  pain is gradually taken away.

Would I recommend?

Yes. It's a relatively cheap organic cream that can perform the moisturizing function. However, please consider its creamy form that might not complement an oily skin. As for its claim of skin regenerating effect, this is something I have yet to discover.