I cannot recall the exact place where I first encountered Belgian waffles. The nearest that came to my memory was in Starbucks. They offer Belgian waffles topped with chocolate and whipped cream. Since it's sold at Starbucks, I'm always hindered by the little hefty price tag ;) Aside from Starbucks, I can't really identify a cafe or restaurant that offers the best Belgian waffles.

During my trip to Taiwan, I also saw the same Belgian waffles in their own Starbucks. Though I didn't order because it was more expensive Haha Good thing, the premiere hotel where I stayed offered great Belgian waffles in their breakfast buffet. The trip happened two years ago but I can still recall their hot, fresh, and crunchy waffle served with honey. Fine, I'm daydreaming now haha

In my recent mall hopping adventure, I saw this attractive wooden kiosk.

There were many people around. As my father taught me, long lines of customers always mean great food!
As expected, I joined the bulk of waiting customers for their own freshly prepared Belgian Waffles.

Famous Belgian Waffles is the brand responsible for the long line of hungry customers. Internet research made me discover that the company is locally operated. I initially perceived that the product might have been franchised abroad. To my surprise, it's locally owned and fitted to the taste buds of the Filipino market.

And since I'm already doing some research here, I was surprised to discover that Belgian waffles didn't really originate from Belgium. It was popularized in North America and is often eaten as breakfast.

In the case of the Philippines, I was surprised to discover that a Filipino company ventured to develop a product that originated from the other side of the world. Hooray for the creative juices of entrepreneurship! Little do we know, this Pinoy product might conquer other countries too.

Anyhow, let me proceed with the real intention of this post. I'd like to share a review of this Famous Belgian Waffles.

Positive Points

1.  The Belgian Waffles are affordable!!! The most expensive variant was Php 55. You can purchase a Belgian Waffle for as low as Php 35.

2. They offer variety. The Belgian Waffles are not limited to chocolate, syrup and whip cream. You can choose from chocolate, peanut butter, cheddar cheese, strawberry, and hazelnut. The spread can be combined with ham, banana, chocolate, blueberry and strawberry. You can see their full menu here. My favorite combinations include ham + cream cheese and banana + peanut butter.

3. The waffles taste great. Need I say more? The bread perfectly complements the inside fillings too. Though I believe that the waffle is best partnered with the sweet spread and filling.

4. The size of the waffle sandwich is commensurate to its price. It's not exaggeratedly huge or tiny. It's perfect for a heavy snack.

5. It's freshly prepared! You can see your own waffle sandwiches prepared.

6. They are growing their branches. They are situated in key shopping malls and recently, I read that they have outlets in selected schools like UST and DLSU. Lucky students!
7. The sales personnel are very accommodating. Despite being exposed to the heat of the waffle maker, their employees don't look grouchy and harassed. They always serve with a smile and render that rare thank you to their customers.

8. Waiting period is not as long as I was expecting. The two branches I've been are manned by enough personnel to speed up the ordering process.

Negative Points

1. The waffle sandwich is not that crunchy. Though this is fine with me. But as compared to what is being served in Starbucks and a few hotels, their version is rather soft and chewy.

2. It is still yet to be known. The company is existing for quite a while but it's only now that I discovered their existence.

Will I recommend the product? 

Definitely! The taste of the waffle sandwich, product variety, price and excellent customer service serve as its strong selling points.

You can find The Famous Belgian Waffle at Facebook or through their company website