Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 61 - All the small things

I'm on my second week of teaching and I'm still adjusting. The college kids are fine. It's actually the schedule that demands the adjustment. My classes extend until 8:30 pm. By the time I reach home, I'm all tired and still needs to review the lectures for the next day. Added to this my need to do more readings about Project Management. I've mentioned in my previous posts that I learned Project Management in the battlefield and not inside the classroom. Its much different when I have to synchronize my knowledge in practice and academe. But as always, I'm not complaining. It's always a challenge for me to make things happen.

Office work is also doing fine. I'm equally challenged and excited with my current assignment. It's estimated to last for the next two years. So much is expected and more than the pressure, it's the state of my career that is at stake here. Either, I make it or break it. Make things happen or not.  If this endeavor will become successful, I will gain that much needed self-worth and confidence. Hopefully, I can blog the details years from now.

Setting aside the serious side of my life, here are some little beautiful things that made my week. 
The everyday view from my workplace niche.

Weather in the Philippines is as weird as a moody female. Everyone wakes up like summer. Sun is up and commuting still becomes a burden with the flock of passengers and perspiring weather. During the afternoon, wind and rain will start to arrive. Temperature lowers and soon enough, travel hours are prolonged because of the heavy traffic.

If there is one thing I love about the cold afternoon rains, it's the fact that I can finally wear my jackets with my ugly and shapeless office uniform. Truth is, my ultimate wardrobe dream is to wear a khaki trench coat from Burberry or Zara paired with the classic knee high boots. Haha in my dreams!

Aside from getting more inspired to dress up, these are the best and worst treats for the cold and rainy afternoons.
Oreo Cake!
Picture does not bring justice. But this is one of the few best things that happen at the workplace ;)

Another reason to wake up and look forward to every workday. One of my favorites, Banoffee pie! Red Ribbon used to offer this years ago. The most accessible Banoffee pie for me are from Starbucks and Banapple which are a bit expensive. This piece from the workplace's cafe sells for Php 65. Cheap but it becomes pricey when consumed everyday ... which have become my personal battle ;)

Chef Tony's popcorn is a recent discovery. I've been seeing tubs of this popcorn everywhere. I'm not the greatest fan of popcorn since I wore my braces. Last Sunday, my mother wanted to try it. The ending? I was the one who consumed the entire bucket. :)

How can I resist the sweet and salty combination of Country Cheddar? 

In my previous post, I mentioned my friend's wedding that rattled my entire day. I was so occupied and worried with tons of concerns. In effect, I forgot to take photos of the ceremonies. My bridesmaid dress was nice but the fit was worst. I look so pregnant! The only thing I appreciated on my outfit was this

Forever flats! And if one day, someone will finally like me (hahahaha) I will surely wear another set of elegant silver flats.

And please pardon my humongous logs legs here,
I'm just loving my new pair of Anthology shoes and quilted bag from Benetton. Both items were purchased from a great SALE!

That's it for my 61st Beautiful Sunday.

Wishing everyday a great Sunday! I'm off to another family reunion. :)

P.S. I need your help friends! Anyone who bought their domain name from Go Daddy? I'm having difficulty in linking my blog account to my purchased domain name. I believe it has something to do with the CNAME settings. I already configured my domain name. But as of date, I still can't link my blogger account. Please help me. :( 


  1. Great features! Thank you so much for hosting, dear friend. Have a terrific weekend.

  2. Ang late na nga sobra ng sched ng uwian mo,, ang ganda ganda ng shoes mo, love the color. Happy Sunday D!

  3. Hi Diane! I hope you've been enjoying your Sunday so far :)
    Great looking shoes and bag! The view from your office window is nice too!
    I'm glad it cools off a little after the rain, but no doubt the high humidity will prevent you from wearing anything long-sleeved ;-)
    take care,

  4. nagutom ako bigla sa pics, i hope you still find time to blog even tho your schedule is in demand atm :D

  5. You always have the cutest shoes and bags! And you have very nice legs my friend! You're YOUNG...enjoy this time in your life! I love your beautiful scene! Have a good week sweet friend and namemate! Hugs!

  6. I'm sure you looked beautiful for your friend's wedding, your shoes and bag are sure cute. What a wonderful view you have from your work space, I'm sure it helps with all the stress you're under. Hope you have a good week ahead!!

  7. i love the Anthology shoes, Diane!

    neat work table, too! ;)

  8. diane i'm not sure if you got my reply thru email. i didn't know pwede pala ang replies via email with out posting here on the blog page. let me know if you got it :)

  9. nice bag you got there. konti na lang kumpleto ka na sa basics. :)


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