Friday, August 16, 2013

Workaholic maybe

Took a leave from work today to accomplish some freelance work sssssh Please don't tell my boss :)

I have nothing much interesting to post this week. The past days evolved to these two workstations

Morning Shift

 Night shift at home

Blessed to be stressed?!? 
I would like to believe that I'm not really busy. I'm just poor in time management, which is partly true. I spent the entire day zzzzzzz  Nominate me now for the most hardworking employee! It's 11:45 pm here and my day is just about to start. I'm turning nocturnal every weekend because of these freelance works. Bad for my health, I know. Just let me finish this pending work and I promise to get the adequate sleeping hours again.
Send me all the hard work, patience and an active mind to survive the hours when everyone is enjoying sleep.


  1. I know you love to join Literary Friday at Ricki Jill's. If you have time.....heehee! Sweet hugs my friend and namemate!

    1. I want but I have yet to finish Cecelia Ahern's One Hundred Names. Maybe next week :) Thanks namemate

  2. Diane, seems like you're working round the clock! Do remember to take some time out for yourself! I hope you get to relax this weekend :)

  3. the "Haru" in that last picture made me smile ^^ idk what it is tho :D


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