Thankful for another weekend and a week long break ahead. Hooray! As much as I want to spend the entire week in another place, the budget doesn't permit. Heehee Like the usual weekends, I will stay home, read my pile of paperbacks, late night movie marathons and great meals with my family.  Later this afternoon, my cousin invited me to their house for a possible barbecue party.

Before I embrace the week long break, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week.

I was able to watch our school's basketball game. We lost the game in overtime but it was a great way to escape work and support the school.

Trick or treat at the workplace! This only happens once a year. Kids hopping to every office in their cutest costumes. 

I found a new place for cheap and great Persian meals. 
It was my friend T who introduced me to Keema, Kebab and all those juicy beefy Persian meals. My favorite has to be Grilled Tomato which unfortunately ceased operations. Last Friday, I dragged my friend A to try this Persian chain in SM Manila. It was one of those foodie attempts I will never regret. I found a new home for cheap and tasty Persian meals.

Everything home-cooked
Onion and garlic chips, potato chips and a bowl of Beef Sinigang

Best about these treats, I shared them with the family over a great TV show. 

Sweetest Treats
 A bucket of locally flavored ice cream that never fails to make everyone in the family happy.

Finally, a jar of Lotus Biscoff! My family enjoyed Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter. We loved it although most of my friends are saying that the Crunchy Cookie Butter is better. I haven't found a cheaper and nearer reseller ;) so I decided to try Lotus' version available at Healthy Options. (Thanks for the tip Lea) I tried a few scoops and like what I always say, I now have bragging rights for the experience. Haha Biscoff is another item in my growing list of foodie favorites.

My current read! Scored this for only Php 180 at Booksale. I heard a lot of great reviews and the movie adaptation. Hopefully, this will be a great read.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!