I'm currently enjoying my week long semester break. No work for the entire week, yay! My vacation started with another rare mini-reunion with my Fun Fab Fam.

It was my cousin who organized our mini-reunion. I call it mini because not everyone in the family was present. My cousin told me that she would like to join the trick or treat activity of the village. For the record, this is the first time my family participated in this kind of event. We grew up not experiencing any halloween event. My cousin wanted to give the kids in the family this experience. Hence, off we reserved our Sunday afternoon for this festivity.

What's Trick or Treat without the treats? We started the afternoon by packing the goodies for the kiddies.

Fun Fab Fam represent!
The kiddie representatives of our family :)

 The guests are finally here.

Before we knew it, the party was already over. We spent the remaining hours with our own favorite activity. 
Movie Time
The movie which we never finished because of the never ending catching up stories. 

Another first for the family! Our first time to do Yakiniku at home. 

Looking forward to do this again!

Another set of happy memories made