Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My First Washi Tape Project

I won a set of washi tapes from Lea's giveaway. I told Lea that the washi tapes will be very useful to my DIY projects for Xmas. My first project is the wrapping of Xmas presents for my colleagues. I initially wanted to involve my nieces for this task. Unfortunately the kiddies are busy attending Trick or Treat activities everywhere :) The Tita has no choice but to literally and figuratively DIY.

I started shopping for presents before my week long break. Aside from the gifts, I remember needing to purchase kraft papers for the project. I searched a number of bookstores and found nothing. Quite frustrated, I searched for an alternative. I opted for this cheaper substitute.

A roll of Manila Paper saved the day!

Here are the Washi Tapes I've been meaning to use

Here are the initial outputs of my project

My favorite design
The best thing about using Washi Tapes is its capability to prettify everything ordinary. My basic gift wrapping output was improved when I played with the designs of the tapes. 

The gifts are all wrapped up and ready to be distributed a month from now. 

Thanks again Lea! I hope you don't regret choosing me as the winner :)


  1. Congratulations on your win and so clever to use the tapes on your gift wrapping. I'm so impressed that you already have so many gifts ready to go.

  2. Ang ganda, ganda, ganda!!! Ö. Good job, Diane! Ö

  3. I love these packages! They remind me of a time when I was given a roll of white meat packing paper. White makes such a nice base for all kinds of designs and I do love the tapes you used for them. How organized you are Diane! You already have Christmas ready to go. Also, wanted to make a comment on your lovely family pictures. How convenient your sliding door is to the picnic area and kitchen and what a nice party!

  4. What fun you're having! I love the Washi tape and you've found a great use for it! Sweet hugs friend and namemate!

  5. Super cute Diane. I have not really used Washi tape but see a lot of fun ideas. There are so many cute designs.

  6. Love it paired with the brown paper! So quirky cute!


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