Friday, December 20, 2013

Last for 30

 More snippets of my 30th (I'm dreading) birthday

Me and my colleagues are regualrly given the birthday cards signed by the Company President. Thank you Biggest Boss :)

It was also my first time to receive a local Martha Stewart product.

Need I say more? :

A few of the sinful and tastiest meals my family had last Sunday :)

I want to write more but my mind and eyes are telling me to finally sleep. Pardon the lousy post, I've been attending a lot of Christmas parties lately. I will redeem myself on my next Beautiful Sunday post.Wishing everyone, a great day ahead :)


  1. Pancit Malabon ba yun? Waaahhhh. Pengeeeeee. :D

    Happy birthday ulet! :)

  2. The only birthdays we can dread
    Are the ones where we're
    On the OTHER side of the grass.

    Oh, yeah! Bring on 30! It looks FABULOUS on you, too!


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