Late last week, I received this box of goodies.

Thanks to my dearest college kiddies, Gardenia girls: M, D and I. :) It was my first time to encounter this brand. Upon further internet research, I learned that Occubite originated from Malaysia. The company later expanded operations in nearby Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. As of date, their first and only branch in the Philippines is situated in Robinsons Ermita. 

I love muffins! But what really attracted me to Occubite was the unique and cute names of their muffins. :)  A few are Dark Knight, Black Eye Peace, Katy Berry, Planet of Ape, Eagle Eye, and Megan Floss. 

As I discovered more about Occubite, I was led to some cute and interesting facts. The name of the brand is too cute to begin with. The brand name was derived from the words, Occupy and Bite. The mission and vision of the company also caught my attention.

Mission : To improve the quality of living of every Occubite employees
Vision : To provide the total customer satisfaction

As someone who works for Corporate Planning, I can give their Mission and Vision, 5 out of 5 stars.  It's easy to remember, direct to the point, realistic and not too ambitious. I also have to recognize the fact that not all companies include the welfare employees in their mission or vision.

I received a six piece box set, which I shared to a few friends.

These are my favorites.
 The muffin with the rice krispies (I guess).

I usually prefer moist brownies or cupcakes. I would have disliked Occubite's version. For some reason, I actually like their dry yet soft and fluffy bread.

This has to be my favorite. The muffin with bits of Oreo cookies.

As someone who is not a great fan of chocolates, I prefer their buttery muffin.

I gave this to a colleague and she liked it. Although for me, I'm rather fascinated with the design. :)

Overall, I like Occubite's muffins. I prefer their buttery muffin though. I managed to taste a few of  their chocolate variants, which I find perfectly fine. It's not too sweet or bland either. The level of sweetness was enough.  

To know more about Occubite visit their corporate website here or their Philippine Facebook Fanpage.