Two more weeks, I will be able to eliminate one major workload. Teaching will be over and like I always say here, I can finally focus on my documentation project. Speaking of which, I received the deadliest deadline this week. I need to get things done before May starts. I have less than a month to complete everything. If only I can further discuss the requirements, I need all the inspiration, motivation, hardwork, energy, and brain cells to accomplish everything.

Setting aside the serious side of my life, let me share the few good things that made my week. 

Arm Candy! - Thanks to my friend A who works near SM Aura. I've been wanting to get this monogram bangle from Alex and Ani. It was always out of stock on the few times I visited their branch. I even left my number in their reservation list. Months passed, I never received any notification from any of their staff. Good thing, my friend Anne made the initiative to check.  

Thank you Benjamin Franklin for the reminder - I found the quote posted on the students' bulletin board. This can answer people's accusations against silent workers. Heehee 

My two favorite fruit boxes - Yay for homegrown mangoes! Paired it with slices of watermelon, mangosteen and melon.

Say hello to my weekly dose of unhealthy food intakes!

Cheese Sticks - This is another childhood and forever favorite snack. The grease and the melted cheese can suddenly take away those sleepy afternoons at work.

Hash Brown and French Fries - Yes to another set of happy greasy snacks!

Cute snack at the workplace's cafe - These are powdered graham crackers, mixed and baked with secret ingredients and topped with marshmallows. I love it except for the Php 35, which I find quite pricey ;)

A box of muffins - My group of kiddie advisees gave me this as a thank you gift. Dearest Gardenia Girls, it was great working with you for two years. Good luck on your new endeavors after graduation.

Auntie Anne's Pretzel - Oh dear friend CC! All the weight I gained this week should be blamed on you. We've been eating at Auntie Anne's for two weeknights. I love the almond pretzel, cheese dip and the lemonade to balance the sweetness. 

Mrs. Fields' Cookies - They finally have a branch at Gateway's Food Court. As soon as I saw their stall, I took home three variants. Among the three, I love the salted caramel the most.   

French Macarons from French Baker - Sweetness overload! If you want to make me happy, get me a box or a dozen. Hahaha Although I have yet to taste an authentic french macaron from Laduree.

Fried Dimsum - I spent a hundred for these. I wanted to try everything and so I did. I enjoyed these fried goodies with CC. It's just that when the bill came, the happiness subsided. lol

CC and I found a new dining place. I have yet to blog the entire experience. Let's reserve that on another post :) The interiors of this restaurant got us interested. It was like a fusion of Army Navy and Yellow Cab. We tried their rice meals, perfect after a long day at work. We want to stuff ourselves with food only to discover that there's really nothing special and spectacular. To compensate, they have the best service crew and creative interiors. The graffiti board particularly caught our attention. A group of college kids from another school shared their happiness after passing the thesis defense. Congrats kiddies! In the Philippines, March to May is the period of graduation. Hence, this is the season where most college kids are finally relieved from their major endeavor.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!