Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 104 - Thank you for the rare holiday break

Indeed! It was a much needed holiday break.  It was even an extended break for me because I already took a leave from work since Tuesday. However, the real holiday started for me last Thursday. I was away from home since Tuesday and Wednesday for some project preparations. Not really freelance, but I'm hoping it would push through. Part of my personal income was wrecked and despite the little financial drain, I'm hoping something good will eventually turn out. 

On my last day at work, I brought home some documents to finish. I needed to do it as my deadliest deadline is fast approaching. For those who can sense the queen of procrastination in me, yes I wasn't able to stick with my plans. My holiday break was spent zzzzzzzzzzz lol I may not be productive but at the very least, I got my much needed sleeping hours. 

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made my week. 

More snippets of Israel's 1st Birthday - Who doesn't love birthdays? :) As confessed in my previous post, I enjoy kiddie parties than those grown up events.  Great food and the company of my fun fab fam are more than enough to experience this rare happiness.

More foodie treats from Israel's birthday! 

The classic Filipino cotton candy, an exclusive Zagu booth, thumb size ice cream and my first serving from the candy buffet, this is how I define a real party! :) 

Honeycomb Waffle and Strawberry Milk Tea - One of my newest foodie discoveries! I encountered SIP through their advertised Facebook page. I was more attracted with their Honeycomb Waffle then. I searched for branches and the one near the workplace only offers beverages. :( I eventually discovered a branch closer to home. Best about everything, they offer the complete line up of products from drinks to meals. I will definitely be back for my next waffle.

Tropicana Coco Quench - My addiction to Coke is somehow replaced by this healthier drink. While I still prefer the all natural buko juice, this can serve as the lesser evil substitute.

Sansrival from French Baker - I will never say no to this forever favorite! The buttery icing and crunchy layers feel so heavenly.

Classic Isaw  - Ewww for some but comfort food for a few of us :)

When my paternal grandma was still alive, Good Fridays meant having a mini reunion with overflowing food and stories. The star of the afternoon is the Pancit Luglug (sauced version of the classic Filipino noodles) and Palitaw (Filipino rice cake with coconut gratings and sugar). Gone are the reunions and the Pancit Luglug, what we had at home was the classic Pancit Bihon and the Palitaw prepared by my mother.

M&M's Dark Chocolate and Reese's Miniatures - The dark chocolates are for the parentals :D and I had full ownership of the mini Reese's. I don't often encounter these inside the nearby groceries. Hence, this is always a part of my loot when there's an opportunity to visit Duty Free.

Homemade cheesesticks! - I'm addicted to these fried cheese in sticks lately. Weekends and afternoon snacks at home meant enjoying this heavenly grease. ;) 

Lay's Wavy Chips - This is not available in local groceries. :(  I managed to purchase a bag because of a recent trip to the Duty Free shop in Subic. It tastes like Ruffles, nothing really special but my family loves it. 

Jars for a special project - I've been shopping small cookie jars for a special project. Hopefully, this will be a successful and long term endeavour. 

My first item for ASOS finally arrived!  - Zigrid, you should be blamed for this. Haha Why did you blog about ASOS?  I made another international online shopping months after I got my Lands' End and LL Bean bags. (Blame the shopaholic hormones heehee) Another bag arrived with a little side story. I'll blog about it over the next days. ASOS gave me a unique experience I will never forget. 

Someone is always too thirsty and hungry :) (It's not me! haha) - While others love summer ... count me to the few who dislike it. Electricity and water bills are sprawling, I always perspire even after taking a bath and in the few times, I get those unexplained headaches.

I'll be back to work tomorrow. Hopefully the days, weeks and next months will be better. 


  1. Oh, those cheese sticks! And I've heard lots of good things about those peanut butter cups, I would love to try them :-)

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by everyone at the birthday party. I haven't had cotton candy in years, but can just about taste it now. All this yummy looking food is making me hungry!! Thanks for sharing Diane.

  3. Diane!! Once again, another amazing "Beautiful Sunday" post! I am so jealous of your kiddie party! I have never seen ice cream that small and in such a cute arrangement! and I LOVE the candy bar!!!

    and... of course all of your other food looks amazing! what is Isaw?? It looks good!

    I hope the rest of your sunday has been amazing. :)

  4. I really love your Beautiful Sunday posts. Nakaka-good mood kasi.:) I'm also a big fan of Reese's peanut butter cups so much that my officemates associate me with it everytime they see it sa grocery. And cheesesticks!!! Wow, it's been a while since we actually made those at home.

  5. Happy 1st B'day to Israel! What a fun and special party! Those noodles and the rice/coconut cakes look delicious! Who's the cute doggy?
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter holiday and as always, thank you for your kind comments which are much appreciated!

  6. What fun birthday parties. I love seeing all the treats and good food. I hope this week is good for you my friend and namemate. Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. Hi Diane! Pansin ko lang every time I stop by your blog there's Isaw pic :) I miss tuloy eating Isaw. One of my favorite street food.


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