Fine, I still can’t get over the accomplished documentation project at work. It’s been a week and part of me still can’t believe everything is over. Did we really make it? Truth to be told, there are still more work ahead. My wish and constant prayer then is just a chance. I’d like to keep mum about the details of that “chance.” If we succeed, it will be a win-win situation for me, the Big Boss and the company. If we don’t, I will feel devastated but no regrets at all. An elder friend once told me, God does not deny the purest intentions. I grew up holding on to that belief and my life has been a living testament that God indeed hears prayers. I had my own share or doors closed and later realized that bigger and better doors of opportunities are coming my way. I leave the outcome of our documentation project in the same way.  

I guess I’m being too dramatic and sentimental. Heehee The real reason why I’m writing this is to document another set of unique workplace realizations and learning experiences. I have to warn you, this post will get boring and uninteresting.

Workplace Friends are instrumental in getting things done 

We needed the support and cooperation of other offices. In the latter parts of the project, we needed data in the soonest possible time, like within the day. If I have not been friends with the responsible colleague, it would be impossible for us to beat the deadline. It really helped that I have friends who are willing to help. 

I appreciated all the support my friends extended on me. After the project though, I felt guilty for somehow taking advantage of our friendship. It shouldn’t be that way. As much as possible, I don’t like to be labeled or identified by other colleagues as someone who uses influence, power and friends to get things done.

There will always be insensitive colleagues

Don’t get me started. Haha While me and the Big Boss are trying to move mountains, someone is busy looking for a live NBA stream on his perfect and high resolution desktop. Maybe I don’t have the right to impose and demand help. Call me selfish but if I were in his shoes, I would have volunteered myself to help. This actually makes me miss my former colleagues from the other department. When someone is getting overwhelmed with work, it was natural for everyone to offer assistance in any form. My former colleagues might not share the tasks, but they are more than willing to ease up your work. They would offer to buy lunch, run errands from other departments and clear up things for you.

I'm not the worst employee.

My tardiness records make me feel I’m the worst. To be honest, I’m starting to feel exhausted about working everyday. The mojo that thrived in me 10 years ago is gone. I’m starting to believe that I’m beginning to become a liability than an asset for the company. 

The last week made me prove that I wasn’t after all the worst. I still love my job and I will do my best to make things happen.  

There are still more work ahead. Whatever it is, bring it on! I AM READY!