I'm not sure if some of you have noticed the sponsored posts I made last year. I used to be connected with Bucks2Blog. Unfortunately, Bucks2Blog ceased operations early this year.  I ended up deleting all the posts I made for them. I was compensated for a minimal yet reasonable fee. 

After Bucks2Blog, there was this US based company who tapped me prepare a sponsored post. They were launching a new product line and planned to have a mass release of promotional articles. As I see it, they want influence and web presence. I agreed to help them because they are a start up business and their products suit my blog's personality. There was no form of compensation involved and I didn't mind because I was willing to help. 

Months after, I received an email from the sponsoring company. They were asking me to remove the links in the sponsored post. Turns out, an internet authority warned them about spamming and using websites to stimulate online presence. They specifically pointed the repeated contents of posts among the bloggers and websites. It appeared to me as a special case of plagiarism that translates to heavy spamming. As consequence, the company will  be equally penalized.

The email made me feel upset and disrespected. I courteously told the company representative that I didn't "copy-paste" the post uploaded in my blog. Even though the company gave me a fabricated post, I opted to make a unique article.  I ensured that my post is way different from the article provided. I courteously emphasised my dissatisfaction by telling them that, their email provides me an impression that no one bothered to read or even check my original post

Seriously, why would you include someone who made an original post to your spam contributors? The company should have tracked other bloggers or websites, who published their ready-made article. They were the ones who caused the heavy spam alert. They should make the initiative to counter check before sending that mass produced and accusing email.  

In addition to this, the company's lack of appreciation to a volunteer blogger aggravated my level of irritation. I never received even a word of gratitude after submitting my post. At first, I thought that the marketing people might be occupied with other concerns. However, when the email requesting to delete the post came in, I realized that the company needs a full lecture about professionalism. At the very least, I was expecting a simple "thank you" for the support and cooperation rendered. 

Despite the negative experience, I'm not closing my doors to other similar writing opportunities. I just hope that next time will yield a better experience.