Work at the office is getting stable. I have one week to savor my relaxed scheduled because classes start the week after. I don't want to think about it because I will surely miss going home early. I haven't checked my adjusted schedule that will surely extend until 7 pm. Hearing myself saying these already makes me feel so lazy Haha As always, hakuna matata, I'll allow things to settle on their own.

Aside from work, there was the rare Friday the 13th. I'm trying to convince myself that bad luck only exists in the mind. True enough, my mind gave me some trouble last Friday. I forgot to pay my credit card bill!! I overlooked the due date so I'm really dead with the late penalty fee. Can I be forgiven for this? ;)

Setting aside my little misfortune, here are the few good and beautiful things that happened last week.

I was able to watch The Fault In Our Stars with dear friend A. As always, the book is always better than the movie. The movie has a great soundtrack both from the big screen and my seatmates, who were continuously sniffing. Hahaha I felt a bit distracted but no complaints at all. I still enjoyed the movie!

I seldom watch movies at Ayala malls because they are far from either work or home. One of the things I look forward in their cinemas is the bag of potato chips from Taters.

I fell in love with this cupcake house. This beautiful corner is owned by Vanilla Cupcakes in Glorietta. I wanted to try, but the store is about to close. I ended up taking these photos and promised myself to schedule a next visit.

I would love to stay in this place with my newest read from Book Depository. Can someone guess what book?

Waking up with some good news - I woke up with an email confirming that my first bag from Kate Spade is on its way to Auntie A's house. I was expecting problems with my order because of the difference in my shipping and billing addresses. I used a PH issued credit card and had it shipped to Auntie A's house in US. I tried the same scheme in Macy's and Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW). My orders were eventually cancelled. Although I have a better experience with DSW. After a live chat with one of their sales associates, everything was resolved. 

My experience with Kate Spade was way better. I was anticipating the cancellation of my order so I emailed customer service and explained my situation. Less than four hours after my email, a sales associate replied and assured that everything is working well. I slept and woke up with another good news. My order has been shipped! Hooray for great customer service.

Temptations from Cath Kidston - I'm struggling to fight the temptation for another bag. :) I should no longer be acquiring another item from Cath Kidston because my first bag is yet to arrive in July, courtesy of Auntie A again. Although the bag was purchased from ASOS, another online store that offers authentic Cath Kidston items. However, I was unfortunately blessed (haha) with Cath Kidston sisters. (Hello Ms. Ellen and Leah!) So there, I decided to wreck myself with a new wallet instead. Haha

I'm addicted to Magnum Gold - Blame our Big Boss! He treated me once and the expensive addiction thrived in me.

My working table is organized again - Follow up question, until when? Haha I finally had the time to throw away the unnecessary papers and sort my active files.  

Huge cut fries -  What's the point of posting? I deep fried them by myself. Oh yes, simple frying is already an accomplishment for me. Haha That explains why some fries were burned. :)

Gelatissimo! - My first time to try this Australian Gelato. 

Cupcakes!!! - I ruined everything. But hey, they are still edible haha This only proves that I can never be trusted with buying and carrying these delicate treats. I'm only good at taking photos and eating them. 

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!