I kept mentioning about the documentation project I've been working. I promised in my past Sunday post that it would be the last time I will write about it. Please forgive me this time. The saga continues this week. Haha 

I was fully aware of our Wednesday deadline. In fact, we were thankful about it. The deadline was supposedly Friday. It was moved to Monday and turned out on Wednesday. It was a huge relief for me and the Big Boss. We thought that everything will turn out fine last week. We will meet our consultant on Monday. We will revise the report on Tuesday. We will be printing several copies on Wednesday morning. When afternoon comes, the Boss will drive us to Makati for the submission. Surprise of surprises, we underestimated everything.

The consultant almost killed us. The paper was screaming with revisions. The Boss and I agreed to divide the work. Even though there are two of us working together, the entire day was not enough. We both rendered extra hours of working. In my case, I even took home the job. It was my first attempt to become awake and working for 24 hours. When I reported for work the next day, the printing and binding tasks were exhausting. As much as we would like to outsource the job, we were worried about the confidentiality of the information contained in the report. We skipped our breaks. I was standing and walking the entire time. I begged for printers from other offices. My right abdomen suddenly felt some stabbing pains because I haven't had my much needed kidney break for an entire day. Despite the sacrifices, worries, pressure and fear of not making it, we were able to submit all requirements. Hallelujiah! 

This photo perfectly captured everything about my life last week.

Credits to iquotes_ph's instagram acount

LOL Because I was too occupied beating the deadline, I literally ignored everyone who's trying to get on my way. Sorry friends if I've been too snobbish last week.

And as expected, I failed to capture anything interesting for this Sunday post. The past week has been filled with these

 Crunch time! Kalat here there and everywhere ;)

 I learned how to operate the binding machine this week ;)

Two printers attached to my tiny laptop :) If only my laptop has more USB ports, I would have borrowed more printers from other offices. 

It was the roughest and most exhausting week I had in my entire working life. Along the way however, there are still a few beautiful things that came.  

Magnum Gold - Magnum didn't appeal much to me. The Boss treated everyone with the newest flavor before going home. It was the best! I would definitely buy one ... when the next payday comes. ;) I'm quite broke these days.  

Aside from the Magnum, the Big Boss has been feeding us with calories, sugar and carbs. We always have J.Co. doughnuts every morning. We have pizza in the afternoon. After delivering the documents to the accreditors, he even treated us for a great recovery lunch. Too bad, I never had the energy to take photos.

The second bag arrived in my Auntie A's house :) -  I had a great online shopping experience with DSW! I had minor credit card and shipping address issues that were excellently resolved by their online support representatives. I had the bag shipped to a US address and paid using a locally issued credit card. I will blog about the experience soon. :)

Papemelroti is love! - In the middle of the week, I was able to beat the mall's closing time. I was able to claim my prize from Papemelroti's giveaway. Thank you Papemelroti!