Another exhausting week finally ended! Papers to review, coming to work at 7 am, having two consecutive classes after work, some office concerns, I can't wait for weekend! There are more work ahead next week but I know, there will always be some beautiful things I will encounter along the way. Meanwhile, here are a few that made the past week.

My favorite Bench store - This Bench store in SM Masinag is so clean, organized and has the best interior design. I love the mismatched wood structures. 

Friday Cheat Day! - Java rice and chicken tenders to end a very long week. Thanks K!

Monogrammed! - Thank you Leah of The Bright Spot. In the middle of the week, I saw an LBC package on my table. I wasn't expecting anything so this came as a big surprise. It came in perfect timing because I discovered the package after my two consecutive classes.

Nice message from a bar of soap :) - Fall in love, Find happiness! Yes to this.

One of my favorite childhood junk food - Granny Goose's Kornets, please extend your retail outlets.

Oreo Cheesecake - The many times this cake appeared in this blog. Please expect more appearances :)

Minicupcakes - My favorite has to be the green tea and Nutella. 

How to end a long day at work - A bowl of my favorite peanuts while watching some drama series.

Pizza and potatoes - Belated happy birthday Daddy!

Paotsin forever!!! - Lemak rice and fried sharksfin are for the win!

Share a Coke with BFF - Missing my lone BFF at the workplace. Hi T! 

I love misty windows - Except for the hassles in commuting, I'm loving the colder temperature brought by the rainy season.

Teasers from our 2nd Candy Buffet Project - I will blog about our second candy buffet project soon :)