This has to be my most tiring day from work since the school year started. Worst, I feel frustrated for rendering a very lousy lecture. I also feel an upcoming headache. Before I finally call it a day, I decided to unwind, check my personal email and remembered a pending assignment from Kim. (Hello pinsan!) Kim tagged me to answer a series of questions from her Liebster Award. So there, here are my answers to your nose-bleeding questions haha

1. State the title of your favorite book or film and relate the specific scene that made you decide why this one is your favorite.

Favorite Book - I have a lot in my list. But as of typing this post my top favorites are the classics, The Little Prince and The Secret Garden, PS I Love You, Life on the Refrigerator Door and Kite Runner. I also appreciate a few from John Green and David Levithan.

Favorite Film - Films!!!  It's so hard to choose. Based from my mood and memory :) I go for Beaches, Serendipity, 27 Dresses, Pretty Woman, The Devil Wears Prada, Jet Li's Hero and the Korean version of My Sassy Girl.

2. What is the corniest joke you have ever encountered? And what do you think is the basis of being corny?

Recently, a student mentioned  "Mabuti pa ang Roma, may Papa na"

Basis for being corny? I don't know, but the fact that it's too shallow and made me lol, I consider it the corniest. 

3. Name something that got you into a big trouble.

As a kid, I didn't know that I took home my quarterly exams. I left my exam on my desk, having it inserted in a folder that serves as our test cover.... to prevent cheating ;)  I went to the toilet minutes before dismissal time. All the while I thought that my "considerate" classmates made some effort to submit my paper. When I returned inside the classroom, I slid my folder inside my bag and rushed home. Come Sunday night, I was surprised to discover my examination paper inside my bag. When Monday came, our class adviser called my attention and there..... I added another item in my most humiliating moments.

As an adult, mostly occurred at work. I have a lot in my list but for safety reasons (haha) I prefer not to relate them. The greatest trouble would be when some colleagues decided to use my name to escape and pass the blame. (You know, in local parlance, mga nanlalaglag.) 

Oh, did I mention credit cards? One thing I can still be proud of, I'm cleaning up my own mess and I'm not playing hide and seek with those collecting agents.

4. If you have a book of life that would let you revive only one person, would you use it or just leave things as they are?

My dear friend Anna... She went ahead to heaven before we reach 30. I wanted to spend more years with her. I also wanted Anna to have more time with her aging parents. My heart breaks whenever I visit Anna's mom and dad. 

5. Would you rather go back to the past, or leap to the future, or perhaps stay in the present?

Stay in the present and let things fall on how they should be... The present is the link between the past and future. It holds that mystery that we all try to figure out. 

I hope I was able to answer Kim's questions. Mission accomplished? :)