Some months ago, I ordered my first bag from Cath Kidston and had it delivered through Johnny Air. I did some computations and realized that just for one bag, it would be cheaper to have the item delivered from UK to US than UK to Ph. Unfortunately, the bag never arrived. My only consolation, Cath Kidston refunded my credit card payment in the soonest possible time. 

To be honest, I somehow lost a degree of trust to Cath Kidston and Johnny Air. I decided to search for other legitimate shopping sites that resell Cath Kidston bags. John Lewis is one but I haven't tried their services. ASOS is another shopping site I learned from Zigrid. I knew before that they resell Cath Kidston bags for a little additional price. I had a pleasant experience with ASOS and best about everything, they ship to anywhere in the world for free. I guess that accounts for the additional price in most of their goods. On the latter part of May, I learned their flash sale to US based shoppers. I did some computations and discovered that it's the best time to buy the Cath Kidston bag, given that my Auntie A gave me the consent to use her US address. The bag arrived in Auntie A's house last month but she decided to include the bag in her cargo packages. So most likely, I will receive my bag on August. 

After this expensive online exercise, I got involved with another shopaholic adventure. (Dear E and L, alam niyo na, hahahaha) Blame the blogosphere and Instagram, I met Leah and Ms. Ellen. We shared the same love love love for Cath Kidston. Hence, the Cath Kidston sisterhood was formed.   After weeks to months of liking and tagging each other to Cath Kidston's IG posts, Ms. Ellen (being our team leader) sealed our union.... we pooled our orders for that one great Cath Kidston sale!!!

After weeks of waiting, I finally met my first Cath Kidston

The packaging was so lovely. I actually kept the kraft yarn ;) and I tried my best not to ruin the Japanese paper. Haha

I even got freebies! Not in the photo is a cute canvass pencil case shown in Leah's blog here and the Cath Kidston stickers!!! Thank you Ms. Ellen and my answer to your question.... YES!!!

  I now understand the texture of an authentic Cath Kidston merchandise. 
Cath Kidston's classic oil cloth trademark is way superior than the "fake" items sold everywhere.

Even Cath Kidston's embroidered label possesses a different texture. The seamless stitching and smooth fabric relate the superior difference. 

The Cath Kidston sisters are planning an official meet up..
Excited but quite worried... sana hindi ako kainin ng hiya hahaha
I maybe too talkative here and in the classroom but deep inside.. basta haha

Thank you Cath Kidston sisters!!