Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beautiful Sunday #131 - Almost there

The semester break is only a week away! Classes are over but I still have one more task to accomplish tomorrow ... encoding of grades. Tomorrow is our deadline and before I finally welcome the much needed break, I still have one project due before the almost week long break. Before I finally convert to vacation mode, let me recount the few beautiful things that made my past week. 

I was asked to report in Makati before weekend. Whenever I visit the place, I make it a point to meet my dearest friend A. We explored Landmark and Glorietta, the two malls I rarely see.We also passed by the intimidating but lovely Greenbelt ;) After a long day, we finally got to try Mom & Tina's. The food was great and I'm willing to visit again. I only have one complain though. Customer service is not that great. I will not detail the incident but hopefully when we come back, we will have a better experience.

Despite the experience, I took home a tub of sugar free merengue. It didn't last a day at home. :)

Meet my new toy!! - This is another great product that is unfortunately delivered by very poor customer service. I scored this old school camera through Lazada Online Shopping. Lazada is great in terms of prices and product diversity. It unfortunately fails on one important aspect of online shopping; product delivery on time. I'll share this in another post.

One of my favorite fruits is in season again - I swear, I can finish an entire tub by myself.

Almost a week ago, we celebrated the 7th birthday of another kid in the family. Can I just say that kids today are luckier?! The fondant cake is very ideal in the always summer temperature in Manila. The icing remains in the same condition throughout the entire party. We never had cupcakes with frosted icing back then. There's candy buffet and other unique treats that never fail to surprise me. 


  1. You always have such fun parties in your family. I would love to be there for my birthday. I haven't had a party since I was a little girl. Enjoy your week my friend and namemate! Hugs, Diane

  2. Malapit na kami ulit magkita ni Landmark. Sa first week of December, sama mom at two sisters ko for Christmas shopping. Dyan talaga kami since 2010 pa.

    Nice cam! Sorry to hear about your Lazada experience re: delivery. Ako naman, okay sakin ang Lazada, LBC ang courier nila, on time naman yung mga binili ko dati. Hehe. :)

  3. Wow, Instax! My sister has always wanted to buy one buy one but I can never justify her need for it since we don't do scrapbooks or albums naman. :) Looking forward to your gadget review about it if it's a worthy purchase.

  4. Coincidence. We were just talking about Mom & Tina's sa office kanina. Muntik na kami dito mag-dinner. The meringue looks great paborito ko yun... Thanks for visiting my blog pala :)

  5. Oh, I saw your new toy on Instagram! Sorry you had a bad experience with the service though! I hope you're happy with the product :) That cupcake looks delicious! The birthday sounds and looks fun. Look at all the smiling faces :) I agree with Lavender seem to have the most fun parties at your place!!!


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