I never had plans of shopping in Lazada. I heard and read all the negative reviews from quite a number of bloggers. My business partner for our candy buffet business also had her own patience testing experience. Most of the negative experiences I encountered, including that of my business partner, centered to one problem: late delivery of the items. I was convinced to never try Lazada. Everything changed when my I saw my dear friend T's Fuijifilm Instax 7 Camera. T purchased her camera through a deal from Ensogo. T had the camera years ago and for sure, Ensogo is no longer offering it. I searched for other local shops that offer the camera for a good deal. My prayers were answered because I landed to Lazada's Philippine site. 

Best about everything, the camera is also offered at a discounted price. So as expected, my shopaholic hormones gave in. I purchased the camera last October 14. Terms and conditions from Lazada stated that they deliver within 3 to 5 working days. Although personally, I find their timeframe too long. Following this policy, I should receive my item by October 21, 2014. I don't have complaints with this timeframe. The frustrating and disappointing experience started when Lazada sent me the series of confirmatory emails.

October 14, 2014 (Tuesday)

I posted my order and it was confirmed on the same date.

October 15, 2014 (Wednesday)

I received a notification via email that my order is set to arrive over the next two days. This means that I should expect my package on October 17, 2014 or Friday. 

I received a text message that my order will be delivered in the afternoon. I thought this will be good news.

The day ended but no signs of delivery.

October 17, 2014 (Friday)

It was already 5 pm at the workplace. No signs of arrival so I made a follow up call. Sadly, the phone call emerged as a futile attempt. The Customer Service Representative documented my concern but no confirmation as to when I should receive my item. 

October 18 and 19, 2014 (Sunday and Saturday)

No signs of the package.

October 20, 2014 (Monday)

No packaged yet. Made a follow up call that ended as another futile attempt.

October 21, 2014 (Tuesday)

I made a follow up call in the morning. The Customer Service Representative did not give any guarantee or specific time and date of arrival. He reasoned that the courier's services is way beyond their control. The resolution given to me, the item will be redelivered tomorrow. This is  already very unforgivable . I demanded that if my item will not be delivered today, I will already seek for refund.

I got this template-ish text message again.

Around 4 pm, the item finally arrived. IT TOOK LAZADA A WEEK TO DELIVER MY ORDER, considering that my shipping address is in Manila.

Lessons from the Experience

Can I just say that Lazada is way inferior than Zalora? Considering that my shipping address is situated in the business district of Manila, I cannot understand why it would take them a week to deliver my item. A suggestion to Lazada's management: please improve and benchmark from Zalora's operations and logistics.  Lazada's courier and operations area have very weak and poor coordination. Every Customer Service Representative I spoke with cannot give me definite answers. This is just so frustrating. Lazada has an extensive collection of items offered at relatively cheaper prices. As much as I want to re-order from them again, the very poor customer service and slow delivery become the trade-off of their cheaper prices. It makes me think that Lazada's cheaper prices are not worth the stress and patience.

My only consolation, the camera comes with free batteries (which I hope would last for a long time) and I'm praying that the item will not have any defects.