The past week marked the end of my last lecture for the first semester. The upcoming week will be final exams, great news for me!!! My much awaited semesteral break is about to happen. I will have more sleep and I'll be more focused with my office work. Next semester, I have decided to decrease my teaching load. Never mind the lesser income, having sufficient rest and sleep are far more important. This also reminds me, my weight and face are the other casualties of my workload. Unlikely adult acne, additional 5 lbs from stress eating and some impulsive online shopping purchases made me the worst. During the semester and holiday break, I plan to jog again. This time, I hope everything will not remain as plans. ;)

Setting aside my shallow and personal rants, here are the few beautiful things that made my week.

Caliburger!!! Prior to meeting my friend T, I searched for reviews about this local franchise. I felt disappointed because most of the articles I encountered posted negative evaluations. Most of the complaints were centered on the limited size, servings and taste of the beef patties. One blogger even said it's like paying for an expensive McDonald's cheeseburger. Despite the negative reviews, I was still interested and even excited to try Caliburger.

And my verdict .... 4 out of 5 stars. It wasn't as bad and bland as I was expecting. Perhaps all the negative reviews conditioned me to lower my expectations. But in the end, it wasn't really disappointing. I ordered the best seller, cheeseburger with bacon and special sauce. The flavor was not too overwhelming. Minus the location, this will definitely be not my last meal from Caliburger.

Thanks for the treat dearest friend T! 

Jollibee delivery for my special brother's birthday. We also had some mac and cheese and nachos for the kids at heart ;)

Treats for the feet - My Friday trip to Watson was the culprit. I was only planning to buy a bottle of hair serum. Everything changed when I saw the discounted items rack. And what do you expect from someone who has a very low EQ? Haha I ended up buying these foot patches, which I first encountered from the cute and dainty Theresa, and a pack of Purederm's foot mask. 

I'm forever clumsy! - Sans rival from Highlands Coffee and Truffle Cake from Mary Grace, almost perfect if my clumsiness didn't ruin the frosting and icing. 

Baking 101 - And yes, I didn't bake. Haha I was just observing and taking photos. These are coconut muffins or in local parlance, macarons from the neighborhood bakery.

Can someone guess the building in the first photo? - Long before SM started regional expansion, this was one of my favorite malls in Cubao.

Went to see the castle again - I accompanied my cousins to Chocolate Lover to shop for some baking goodies. Someone in the family is celebrating his birthday today. Happy Birthday S! 

Dearest namemate, 
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