I mentioned many times here how I love my trips to Watsons. My usual purchases are toiletries and some prettifying stuff. Although lately, I'm beginning to appreciate The Face Shop and other Korean cosmetic shops invading the local market. I also love Body Shop but my budget doesn't. Haha So most of the time, I settle with what Watsons can provide. I love random finds and those products sold in discounted bundle packs. It was Payday Friday when I dropped by Watsons to replenish my usual toiletries. While waiting for my turn to pay, I saw small bottles of eRAse solution with small prints stating it can remove scars, stretch marks and all those nasty skin marks. This caught my attention because God knows how am I addicted to different scar removal creams. My trusted brands are Contractubex and Dermatix, which are unfortunately not wallet friendly. When I discovered that eRAse only costs Php 99, I didn't think twice. I included it in one of my unexpected and sometimes, unnecessary purchases.

The dark acne scar near my left eyebrow became the guinea pig of my new product discovery. Given that I'm using a product that costs only Php 99, I wasn't expecting any good outcome. In my mind, this will be another useless and impulse purchase. I used the product every night and I believe I stopped using it because.... I'm just like that. I'm only good at using beauty products on the first few weeks. I will forget about everything, make random trips to Watsons and purchase another useless product.  I only started to notice real effects a few weeks ago. I started to feel skin peelings when I was wiping my face. I checked on the mirror and true enough, my acne scar is starting to peel. And because I'm hard-headed, I scratched my face to induce more peeling. I don't want to upload my evidence again (#medyoKadiri Hahaha), you can check out on my past Sunday post here

Satisfied with the results, I used eRAse to the scars on my legs. Blame the never ending insect bites. I wear pants everyday, but I seem to be not protected at all. I was expecting the same results. Unfortunately, the product seem to take some time to work. I believe this can be attributed to the fact that skin on the legs and other parts of the body are thicker. Hence, effects seem to be felt earlier on the face. A little precaution though, my cousin was so impressed with the product. She generously applied the solution to all her acne scars. The ending, she was profusely peeling. She stopped using the product because it was causing her painful itch and redness. A piece of advice : just like any commodity, use this in moderation. :) 

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