Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 170 - Club Balai Isabel

Half of the week was spent in Manila. The other half was spent for an out of town work. I ended spending Saturday zzzzzzzzzz. Added to this, I took home another set of back ache and a huge bruise on my thigh. The back ache as always, attributed to poor sitting position and the bruise, it took me a while to remember how and where did I get it. I hit the edge of a huge Narra table at Club Balai Isabel. Good thing, no one saw my lame stupidity. Hahaha It took me some time to stand up and recover from the pain. This is probably my worst stupidity injury. The bruise was about the size of my palm and as an added sacrifice treat, my sleeping position is somehow affected. 

Prior to the out of town work, I have a little confession to make. I became Rebecca Bloomwood again. Blame the stress and the happiness from retail therapy. I'm editing a book. There's reorganization at the workplace. Promises heard. Decisions to be made. Even my Facebook newsfeed is stressing me. Apologies but I hate it when some colleagues post those cryptic status messages whose real message is too evident. C'mon! My immature self is sometimes challenged to reply, friend don't say it, do it! Hahahaha Okay, I've vented out my sentiments. Let me relate the few good things that made my week.

Stress eating - This has been dinner before my evening classes. 7-11 may not offer the best hotdog and bread but this three sauce trio compensates for everything. 

My first Sperry - My biggest excuse, I got it with a big discount from Zalora. I have been indifferent with Sperry,Sebago and all those top sider shoes. I love loafers and moccasins but this style never attracted me. I also believed that their leather may be too thick, painful and uncomfortable. Zalora's discount changed my mind though. Hahaha I got my first pair and true enough, it doesn't look good to my feet. Aesthetics wise, fail! But when comfort is considered, I was all wrong. This pair is surprisingly so comfortable. It's the perfect walking shoes. I should have had this during my trip in Hong Kong. Leather was sturdy but it feels so soft. Sole support is also better than my usual flats. Also in the photo is my favorite skinny jeans, Uniqlo anchor top and my Cath Kidston sling bag. :)

Postcards - Thank you Athena and Terra! I have another reminder that I have yet to see South Korea. And the quote from Henry David Thoreau came in perfect timing too. 

I went to Club Balai Isabel for the nth time! I wasn't there to relax and enjoy though. I was tagged by the Big Boss for work.

Wishful thinking, to have this view at work everyday 

I felt a bit sad and nostalgic when I sneaked in a few minutes to take photos. It was the annual summer outing at the workplace when I first visited this place. Back then, I was with my favorite people at the workplace. Years after, I returned to this place with fewer friends. This time, I was already on my own. Sigh. People come and go. Before I realize it, it has already been years. 

I could only wish for a private suite with this facility.

It's ugly yet it's comfy haha

One of my favorite places at Club Balai Isabel is this pathway

that leads to this

This unique pizza place that I love. Dining here also provides the best view

The trip was exhausting so before I ended the week, I had these

Stress eating Hahaha Big thanks to MFA for joining me haha


  1. I cannot believe you just called your Sperry "ugly." Walang kapatawaran! :) I've wanted those shoes for a loooong time but then di ko afford. Hanggang or tiangge shoes lng ako.

  2. I found a new looking pair of Sperry shoes at the thrift store last fall and had no idea they were anything special (or expensive) until my granddaughter came alone and claimed them immediately!! They fit her perfectly and she took them with her on a 10 day trip to Peru last June. They still look amazing and are going with her to the University next month! I don't think I have ever paid $13 for a pair of thrift store shoes but she assured me they were a bargain! She does not think they are ugly even if they are the most comfortable pair of shoes...ever!!.

  3. it's not ugly, i like the classic style and the color too. it is always a good treat to travel, kahitpa because of work or pleasure.Happy Sunday Diane! enjoy! 😘

  4. Ang ganda kaya nung Sperry! And I love na itinerno mo sya sa anchor blouse. So bagay.

    Question: Bakit mo naman inaway yung table? Narra pa. Wala kang laban dun.

  5. A pool with a view of the sea, what could be better, and the lush green of the paths. Too bad you are not swimming and relaxing rather than working. I am glad you like the Thoreau quote; I thought it suits you.

  6. Madalas din ako magkapasa ng hindi ko nalalaman, tanga tanga lang ang peg ko diba. :)

    It's not so bad. Pero naiimagine ko na hindi bagay sa paa ko yang Sperry mo, ang lapad ng harapan ng paa ko eh, hahaha. :)

  7. Ang ganda ng view! I hope you had a great week!


  8. Naka-sale sa Glorietta yung Sperry some are 50% off. Sobrang dami ng customers that day hindi ako makasingit to try on some pairs. So lucky you, you were able to get your own pair - with none of the hassle!

    So happy to see you use your CK sling bag na =)

    I've been to Balai Isabel before but looking at your pics, grabe, dami ko palang hindi napuntahan dun hehe!


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