I used to have this target of finishing one book every month. This habit only lasted until the first few months of 2014. I became obsessed with other things. Korean drama series, online shopping and zzzzzzzzzz :) Despite the laziness, I continued purchasing books. I was even fortunate to receive books as presents. So the ending, I have a pile of unread books at home.  There were books that were never touched at all. I started reading a few, only to set them aside and forget about the entire story. Heck, I have to start again. Why does reading sounds as a chore now? :) Worst of all, I discovered books that are starting to dilapidate. The pages are becoming stained and turning yellowish.

After months of depriving myself of reading, I was able to finally finish one book. Big thanks to all the hype from social media. Seeing celebrities, reliable bloggers and seasoned film directors rendering praises in their Instagram accounts, I was forced to finish the book. I started reading The Girl on the Train, guess till when? During my flight to Macau last April 29. Two months for one book? Hands down to the sluggish reader of the year. Hahaha A friend finished the book in two nights. Shame on me.  (Hiyang hiya naman and reading comprehension ko. Grade one lang 'teh? hahaha) Too much introduction, I might drift away and forget the real intention of this post. :)

I discovered The Girl on the Train from Goodreads and from the few book bloggers I follow. Everyone left mostly praises and positive reviews. The story telling approach and its similarity to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn were repeatedly mentioned in reviews. I haven't read Gone Girl (it's on my next list) but I have to agree with the different narration. The approach gave the book a unique advantage among other popular thriller books. 

Rachel. Anna. Megan. The story was told in the perspective of each woman but most of the time, it was all about Rachel. What happens to women with shattered marriages and relationships? What happens to women betrayed by their husbands or partners? How do women deal with infidelity? What are the sentiments of the woman who fell in the trap of becoming the other partner? It took me some time to realise that the entire story was merely a consequence of Rachel's failed marriage. Rachel was the pathetic wife whose coping mechanism was dependent on alcohol. My sentiments for Rachel went like a roller coaster ride. I initially sympathized with her misery. Along the way, Rachel's hard headed character became annoying. At some point, I even felt that the story become too dragging because it was all about Rachel and her quest to find out what happened in the night when Megan disappeared. Megan's mysterious disappearance and Anna's selfish dream of getting rid of her husband's previous wife, Rachel. The lives of the three women were intertwined to each other by some person and circumstance. It took an entire book to finally establish how the three women became victims, antagonists and survivors of their respective struggles.

What I love best about the book is the unpredictability. I never felt hints and teasers of the ending. The narration approach diverted my attention to the perspectives of each character. I became more concerned with how each story came out in three different perspectives. Hawkins was successful in shaping three unique persons which weaved the most unpredictable ending.

I also appreciate the presence of character development. I initially sympathized with Rachel. I became agitated with her immature and lousy decisions. In the end, Rachel was able to win her battle, albeit in the most painful and traumatizing way. Anna was first presented as the official antagonist. The last parts of the novel turned Anna to another betrayed but self-redeeming character. Megan was portrayed as self-centered and inconsiderate. Unfortunately for Megan, life became unfair. I also felt that Megan was deprived of that chance to redeem herself.

I'm not really sure but I believe this was my first time to engage in a psycho-thriller read. Honestly, I'm not even familiar with the definition of psycho-thriller? Haha I learned that with this type of genre, I will be forced to understand the unusual and abnormal emotional conditions of the characters. Frightening? It wasn't. It was rather annoying but sympathizing in the end. It felt like understanding a friend who keeps on ruining herself. You will feel exhausted but at the end of the day, you will never had that courage to leave. The same sentiments I had for Rachel and the entire story. :) Annoyed but still attached. Hahaha

I have to give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. Almost perfect. I attributed the 0.5 discrepancy on those instances when the book became too boring and dragging. But overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone. Moreso, if you need a break from your usual dose of hopeless romantic reads. :)