A few months ago, I related my attempts to reconnect with my long lost penfriends from South Korea. A few weeks after, my attempt turned out to be successful. My letter reached one of them and I was already more than happy. And because of technology, communication became easier for us. We became Facebook friends and would chat once in a while. It was also through Facebook that I discovered that my friend stayed in the Philippines for almost a year. I believe that was more than two years ago. I regret the fact that I should have reconnected with her earlier. If only I wrote to her earlier, we could have been given the opportunity to personally meet. 

Fast forward now, I discovered that my dear friend returned to the Philippines for work. I saw a familiar photo posted on her Facebook account so I decided to confirm her presence. When she said that she was indeed here, I wanted to scream OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! She's here, for real!!!!! And even though I have poor social skills, I never had second thoughts. I invited her for a meet up. We were suppose to meet around April when I had those forced leave credits. Unfortunately, there were some hindrances that came along the way. We would occasionally exchange messages and she sought my assistance for this brand of Virgin Coconut Oil that she prefers. I was quite surprised that VCO is that expensive in South Korea. I was successful in finding her preferred brand that is rarely available in most supermarkets. I wanted to personally hand out the bottles of VCO but I understand her busy schedule and priorities. But deep inside, part of me is still hoping that we would meet one of these days. She surprised me last week because she was asking if I'm free over the weekends. I never had second thoughts, I said yes!!!  And the rest was history :) 

It's for real! I have a great and beautiful friend from South Korea! Say hi to my dear friend, Jenny :) 

It took me a while to reach our meeting place. Blame the traffic from the afternoon rain. I felt stupid for making her wait. :( And since I'm meeting a South Korean friend, we have to do it inside an authentic Korean restaurant. :) I had my favorite Bibimbap and she introduced me to this Korean spicy squid with noodles. It was the best! We started talking and eating at 5 pm and before we knew it, it was already so dark outside. Haha We parted around 8 pm. Hahaha We may have exchanged letters a few times but it felt like I knew her for the longest time. I tagged my friend Anne and we somehow interviewed her about the best places to visit in South Korea. Haha 

I was surprised with the number of places Jenny has visited in the Philippines. I admire her best for being able to survive like a typical Filipino. She's a legit Filipino commuter! She takes jeepneys, UV express / FX taxis, buses to tricycle when she visits different places in the Philippines. That is real bravery!!! 

I hope this will not be our last meet up. I made a promise to Jenny. :) I have to complete the 20 bottles of VCO. Hahaha She has a few more months in the Philippines. I wanted to treat her at Cafe Lidia  or bring her to Lilac, the famous food hub in Marikina. And before she leaves the Philippines, I also wanted to give her a little send off dinner. And probably next year, Anne and I would visit her in South Korea. :)