The past week! I can't find the right adjectives to describe it. Everything started great on Monday. I was doing fine last Tuesday. Something happened on Wednesday. I was very sad on Thursday. Friday turned worst and my entire weekend was somehow affected. This not-so-good stage in my life seems to have its own recurring cycle. Nevertheless, I'm still alive and surviving. And somewhere along the way, there are just some beautiful things that happened. For this post, I intend to focus on the good things instead. Maybe the bad things deserve another blog post. Hahaha 

Addiction to Mexican Corn - A few weeks ago,  I had my first DIY Mexican Corn. A number of recipes I read suggested that the corn be grilled. On my first attempt, I used the ready-to-eat sweet corn from the supermarket. I don't have time to grill after a long day at work. Last week, I attempted to grill the corn. And the result, it tastes way better than the usual boiled corn. The mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder ended to be more flavorful with the grilled corn. So I guess my next DIY Mexican Corn should be grilled instead. Apart from altering the cooking procedure, I also wanted to try sour cream spread than the regular mayonnaise. Problem is, where to buy sour cream spread?

Korean ice cream! - A little expensive but for the stressed and sad person in me, I guess I deserved it. :)

Cookies and Cream Shake - Another expensive good at the workplace and as always, blame the negativity around :) 

Shinning Shimmering Splendid - Hahaha One of the things that brings me happiness. :) I love my new pair of glittery flats. Surprisingly, this pair makes my feet look lighter. 

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery - I will always equate this beautiful place to Leah and Mother E.! Too bad I didn't win the online contest or got served by the hottest Brazilian. Haha With or without the free GCs,Vanilla Cupcakes is our official headquarters in Manila. Thanks Mother E for squeezing me in to your tight schedule in Manila. See you in December again :) 

Oh, gifts!! - Thank you Mother E and Leah!! The wax seal kit fulfills the dream of the kid at heart and the old soul in me. I feel like a British royalty owning this. Hahaha Unfortunately, I have to learn the correct way to use this. 

Cath Kidston tea, some craft supplies and this Bluetooth remote control, thanks Leah! Will surely be waiting for your own blog party.... complete with sponsors Hahahaha

Childhood Crush - Who can guess? I might give a prize if you can guess it right. Hahahaha I've wished to watch this movie in the big screen. I never had any chance with my mother because at that time, we only go to the mall twice a year. (Hats off to my thriftiest mother!!!) This film was shown around January when Pope John Paul II visited Manila for the World Youth Day. The blessing of our new home was also scheduled during that weekend. My older cousins who came fulfilled my secret dream. They took me to the mall and rest was bragging rights to my few friends. Hahaha Some of my friends were not able to watch the movie either because they were not allowed by their parents or they did not pass the R-13 requirement. Hahaha I was 11 years old back then and because I was a bit tall and I look old, I was able to deceive the strict security personnel.  

Senti Sunday - I found my masteral thesis back in 2008. The title of my paper seem to be speaking to me now. Hahaha 

Rustan's Gift Wrapping Services is the best - I have a little confession to make. My mother asked me to purchase a nice set of handkerchief and tie for a male relative. And because Rustan's was on sale, I was able to score a nice bucket bag for myself. I probably gave the wrong instruction to the cashier. Much to my surprise, even my bucket bag was gift wrapped. Hahahahaha So the ending, I carried this huge box on the way home. 

Surprises from the mail - #Postcrossing friends, the most awaited batch of postcards finally arrived. I first thought that my dear friends are older or within my age range. Surprise of surprises, their age range is between 18 to 20 years old?!! Thank you Athena, Hannah and Hellen.

The "challenges" of the Postcard Challenge - As much as I feel happy receiving beautiful cards and stamps, part of me feels ashamed. It's a challenge to find nice postcards in Manila. The most that I see in bookstores are those that feature the local tourist destinations. Unfortunately, some postcards seem to have been taken in the late 90s. The Philippines is quite deprived of handmade or painted postcards. The same as with stamps, we have limited selections in Manila. The most that we have here are commemorative stamps. It even has to take an event to provide an additional variety. 

I haven't been blog hopping lately and I feel quite guilty. I haven't been feeling well... emotionally and every time I reach home, exhaustion has become my company. I don't want to share my own negativity so I opted to confine everything here. My gratitude overflows because my blog has been surrounded by beautiful and a few heart warming comments lately. Thanks everyone!