I'm feeling a degree of nervousness while typing this post. I'm restless and worried. I hope this means nothing. Over the past week, another familiar saga transpired. It made me sad. It made me cry for some time. Something seems to be recurring. Experience taught me that if the same old issues happen every time, the real cause has not been really addressed. I feel frustrated because on my end, I believe  I have done my share. Starting with my efforts to facilitate open communication. I used to believe that I have been the quiet type. Over time, I realized that I prefer to face my issues, including the people involved. But then again, I failed to understand that not all people would adhere to my open communication principle. Some people prefer to hold on to their silence. Silent war. Cold war. It pains me that some people carry burdens of negative sentiments. When in fact, part of it can be unloaded or at the very least, relieved by efforts to communicate and reach out. 

Okay, I'm done with my rant. Hahahaha I maybe joking but part of me still wishes that somewhere along the way, everything will be resolved. On the lighter side, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week.

Eggs and dried flowers - There's no connection at all. Hahahahaha I found the two seem to be complementing their colors. Hence the photo. 

When postcards arrive at the same time - Thank you Marieken, Jeannie, and Terra! All cards arrived during my Friday leave. 

More decorative goodies - Thanks Mother E for bringing my sought after lighthouse and windmill.

Hometown restaurant hits - My dear hometown has always been deprived of the best shopping malls and other popular places. But we always have our share of unique and well loved restaurants.  

Frapuccinos with Anne - Another hometown hits, I will revisit this restaurant again and blog about it. It's another discovery for me. 

Fragile - Exactly how I feel right now... please handle me with care :)

A threatening money wrecking collection - I love The Tale of Peter Rabbit, from the story and unfortunately, until the merchandise. Hahaha I cannot exactly remember when I learned the story. What I can recall was back in High School, I had classmates carrying pretty tote bags depicting Peter Rabbit. As expected, the envious shopaholic in me was awakened. Funny, how I can remember the merchandise encounter and not when I learned the story. Hahaha Since then, I had fascination with Peter Rabbit items. But since a growing collection means more expenditures, I decided to limit my collections to the commemorative plates.

I'm thankful for the Friday leave that extended my weekend. I was able to spend some time with my cousins. The rare times I was able to laugh my heart out. We made some plans before the year ends. Hopefully, everything will work as planned. 

Another week is about to unfold. SMILE hahahahaha and the whole world will back to you hahahaha But seriously, I hope that things will get better this week.