Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 258 - First Day Cover

Stressful and exhausting. This was the theme of the past week. I was running around like a headless chicken, visiting offices and seeking documents. I leave the office beyond 8 pm everyday. Five days were not enough, we had to continue the work on Saturday. There were signs of extending on Sunday. Good thing though, I had a great support system. We were all done last Saturday. We beat the deadline, but my legs are aching. I acquired colds. My eyelids are swollen for a week already. As much as I wanted to rest, the real work will happen on Monday until Wednesday. I can't wait for this event to end.

They say that being highly occupied makes you immune with some issues and nuisances in life. As the week was about to end, I had my taste of classic worklife politics. Someone used me as a scapegoat and puppet to stage the antagonist's most awaited drama. If this happened on a regular workday, there will be a long rant here. :p I will stress eat and some impulse purchase will be made. But I'm already drained to heed another adult drama. Part of me wanted to say, I'll have my own time. I'll handle everything in my own terms. But the grown up in me is overpowering. I just want a better life ahead. I wish to hear some good news, enough to outweigh some attitude problems I have to deal with. 

Meanwhile, here are the beautiful things that happened last week.

The planner seems to be my default photo every Sunday. I'm turning monotonous and predictable. But this is life ever since the year started. I don't have trips and other interesting stories to relate at the moment. Unless otherwise, everyone here would like to hear the details of my work. :) Creating automated forms in spreadsheets, discovering behavior and unearthing information from numbers, administering surveys, writing reports that no one bothers to read hahaha 

In the middle of the week, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the Post Office. I was able to score some old First Day Covers (FDC). This one features a painting of  the Tsubaki (Camellia) flower, released last March 20, 1961 in Japan. The best thing about this FDC is the intricate design of the postmark. I love the stamped illustration of the two Japanese ladies.

Another FDC I scored within the week, alongside with my other collections of used postcards. Since this FDC comes with a name of the recipient, my other hobby will finally be revived. I have yet to trace the original owner. I'm feeling excited.:)

This is my favorite score last week. Though admittedly, I find it expensive. It came from another seller, not from my favorite shop in Sta. Cruz, Manila.  I have a feeling that this postcard belongs to a national artist. It dates back 1905, originating from Cuba. I have yet to discover and make an extensive blog post about this.

Sunday is about to end and I still feel all the exhaustion. As much as I'd like to say, the "cold" never bothered me anyway hahahahaha I'm hating its existence. This is not the best time to endure any sickness. To make me feel better, another encounter with my crush might work as great antidote Hahahaha I noticed, my crush has become another default parting statement in my Sunday posts. ;)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 257 - To be great and extraordinary

This Sunday is a rare work day for me. It's a long day ahead. I'm hoping to be productive and finish everything early. I still want to savor the few hours left for Sunday. I plan to buy special dinner for my family. It's been a while since we enjoyed our favorites from Burgoo, Yellow Cab or Army Navy. While typing this post, I'm enjoying my usual Saturday night. Dinner at home, watching the same TV show, coke and potato chips on the side. This is the life! Boring but very peaceful and relaxing. 

Last week was filled with activities, both expected and unexpected. It started with an unplanned work due on Tuesday. The next day, I had a random trip to the mall with my friend A. The mall had problems with their supply of electricity so everything went to total darkness. I will not lie, part of me panicked. On the way home, the train's services were suspended. In effect, I had to endure longer travel hours. Thursday felt fulfilling because I was able to complete some tasks. I also had a great lecture with my two classes. Friday was the best because I was able to watch Beauty and the Beast. Finally!!! No one could have done it better than Emma Watson. I read countless reviews, both praises and criticisms. Setting aside everything, what remained on me was Disney's first attempt to incorporate "gay love" in their film. Apologies for the spoiler. ;)   

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful things for this week

Weekly planner mess - The highlights of this week included Beauty and Beast, letter I received in celebration of National Women's Month and some items from a faraway branch of Japan Home. 

I'm adding rubber stamps in my stash. Anyone interested? I will share it to anyone interested in journaling. I hope I'll be able to generate interested fellows. I'm actually testing the water for this venture. Crossing my fingers, I hope everything will be successful.  

Postcard from Terra-  Thank you Terra for being one of the few friends, who make life beautiful and worthwhile.

Hello Marieken! Thank you for the postcard. I'm trying to track the years when did we start exchanging postcards. Can't remember and figure it out anymore. Hahaha 

Also in the photo is the all time favorite Vcut and Coke and the most awaited Sony a5000. Give me more time, I will earn that camera!!!

The beauty of weekend mornings - Goto (rice porridge) with strips of bagnet (crispy pork belly), lemons for juicing and an elegant coffee table book, everything feels so refreshing. 

Every now and then I discover friends who deactivated their social media accounts. Most complained of the unnecessary stress they gain from selfish, rude, cruel, and misconstrued thoughts of people to organizations. I will not deny, I had days when I felt irritated and provoked after checking my social media feeds. What usually affects me are people declaring their opinions as facts. In my own world, facts meant having data and concrete evidence. Unless you have decent proof, everything appears as mere assumptions. Then there are people enumerating their credentials and use it as take off point to lambast another person. Another breed include those who impose standards of excellency and use it as reference to elevate themselves. But truth is, everything will be directed to make someone appear so low and unworthy.

Recently, I read someone defining the standards of a "great" educator. I felt bad that some educators have the tendency to belittle fellow educators. While we have our own standards of defining what should be ideal, I'm leaning to the belief that everyone is already extraordinary in his / her own way.

A teacher or any person is already filled with life changing experiences. These experiences both forced and inspired them to become better individuals. Little do we know, it meant taking selfless decisions entailing years of sacrifices. Some may have been continuously immersing themselves with endeavors leading to priceless achievements. Unlike most people, they don't document every phase of their experience. No traces or evidences in social media, because they prefer to be humble and discrete.

An educator is not defined by his or her capability to venture on travel, acquiring a degree from an expensive university, a high grade in his or her thesis or dissertation, speaking engagements or her set of beliefs eloquently defined in her social media bio. I'd like to take everything on Brandon Stanton's words, When you look at a person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them....

Apologies for the sudden outpour of thoughts. Blame my newsfeed, hahahaha 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. On a lighter note, I hope to feel inspired today. Maybe a sight or a conversation with my crush will suffice. Hahahaha 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 256 - Halfway March

I was away from home the entire week. It was the longest time I stayed in a hotel not for vacation, but work. The tasks were manageable, my room was great, except that I miss home. After a day, my body demanded a different scenery. I spend the remaining hours of the day in the nearby mall. I wasn't familiar with the place so it took me several attempts to figure out the cheapest way move in and out of the hotel. Speaking of cost efficiency, having dinner in the mall everyday is the easiest way to ruin your weekly budget. :p My taste buds and stomach were rejoicing, but my mind and pocket are suffering. Added to this, I miss the company of some great people. I was counting the days to be with my family and friends. Now that everything is over and done, I'm enjoying my slow and quiet time at home. Pajamas, popcorn, movie marathon, and family are priceless. I have waited for this the entire week.

Meanwhile, here are the beautiful things that happened this weekend 

Weekend mess - It feels like I'm aging backwards. I'm obsessed with stickers, rubber stamps, and different stationery items. But my weirdest addiction is collecting vintage items such as movie tickets, classic bus tickets, and brand labels. Should you find something online or offline that sells cheap vintage paper items, please tag me! :)

Treasure from Book Sale - While I can easily google the origin of stamp collecting, learning everything from the book is way better... coming from the old soul in me. What I miss though is scoring old postcards from Sta. Cruz Manila. My go to store has been operating in an on and off basis. My research skills are longing to be practiced. I miss the challenge of tracking the real owners of used postcards.

Another treasure from Book Sale - An addition to my collection, The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies!!! I still have a long way to go. Hoping to complete this classic layout edition of Beatrix Potter's collections.

Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang buffet is one for the books.  - I cannot remember when was the last time I flooded my blog with food posts. 

Twinning with my friend :) - I'm excited to give this pouch to one of my greatest girl friends. Advance happy birthday A! Enjoy your upcoming trip. Thank you for being one of the best women who never fails to empower me. 

During the past week, my Twitter and Facebook feed were filled with events about the National Women's Month #BeBoldForChange. Every now and then, I encounter articles, stories, quotes, to advocacies aiming to empower women. While I'm in support of anything that will benefit women populace, part of me feels the need to improve of  how women treat each other. Unfortunately, I have been a witness and sometimes, a victim of women who underestimate, discriminate and devastate other women.

On the positive side, I have been and continuously inspired by women who chased their dreams and opened opportunities for other women. One of my favorites is Beatrix Potter. She defied restrictions and the traditional belief that women are only meant for marriage. 

The past week was also filled with some unexpected learning and realizations. Loyalty, honesty and hardwork will never be enough to gain that much needed trust and confidence. Some things are destined and manipulated not to work out. Sad reality. Although this one sounds too cliche, much of life's disappointments can be eliminated if expectations did not come in.

Sunday is about to end and looking at my notes, I have another long week ahead. Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead! 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 255 - First for March

I was given a new task a few weeks ago. It was my first time to document a series of Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and later prepare a comprehensive report. The process felt like being in charge for the minutes of meeting, which I actually enjoy doing. I love the process of writing. In a way, I feel powerful because I have the capability to make someone appear either so smart or stupid. Hahaha I feel like a writer in another field. I work on my own terms. The only thing I dislike is the lengthy hours of discussion. It's draining to sit down, listen and shut up for several hours. :p 

If I'm not mistaken, I sat on 5 FGDs last week. Initially, the process felt repetitive. Different faces, same old thoughts. When immunity started to enter my bored self, I started to hear surprises. There were insights and unsaid sentiments, which I secretly adhered. While being an FGD researcher is empowering, it posts a trade off in the freedom of expression. I cannot be involved in the discussion. Nevertheless, I'm all good because I heard people speaking my unsaid sentiments. I'm not alone in the battle. It's also refreshing to hear people offering bright ideas. If only such ideas will be implemented, half of the organization's problems will already be addressed. But then again, I have to drift away from the immunity of an ideal world. When reality bites or in the world of grown ups, some ideas are destined to be said than done.

The past week went like a rush, literally and figuratively. While writing entries in my journal, I was quite surprised with the tasks I accomplished. It felt fulfilling not until I realized that there are more things needed to be attended. Like a presentation, unanswered emails, and requests from freelance clients. I guess I have to postpone my longest plan of getting a haircut. Thinking about everything already drains me. :p The least I wanted is to look good, especially when I encounter my crush :p Hahahaha It's been weeks since I last saw him... after the Facebook incident, which I will relate in the future. Hahahaha

Newest and weirdest hobby lately  - I'm starting to like origami again. Even though the paper crafts will be useless, I enjoy producing anything from paper. In my mind though, I hope this will lead to somewhere worthwhile. 

What weekend mornings are made of - All time favorite suman and taho for breakfast

And another weekend scene - Slow breakfast, movie marathons, quiet time with the family, potato chips after dinner while watching our favorite weekend shows, these are the simplest yet priceless things I look forward. Weekends at home with the family are the best. 

Added to all of these, it was raining when I woke up yesterday. This weather is best spent in the comfiest pajamas, crisp bed sheets, softest pillows and blankets, mouth watering soup for lunch, great read and a fast internet connection. :p 

I hope to have a great week ahead. I want to receive positive news which can include a new client, another opportunity to the shallowest thought of encountering my crush. hahahahahahahahaha