I was looking forward for this weekend for two reasons. I want to break my unproductivity and I allowed myself to be bothered by some insignificant nuisance Admittedly, ignoring insignificant incidents is not one of my strengths. Allowing myself to become easily affected is one of my undesired talents. However, experiences like this never fail to give me some unexpected learning opportunities. For one, I encountered another case when maturity does not come with age. Some choose to plant hatred, even among silent and innocent individuals. Hate seems to be a superiority indicator for some. I don't know, but I noticed some individuals seem to feel empowered whenever they have an opportunity to express it. An unfortunate reality or irony, people expected to wear the shoes of maturity become living evidences of this immaturity.

Focusing on the good side, I'm thankful for this long weekend. The quick holiday break started for me last Friday. I had a sumptuous Korean meal with my friend A. I treated myself to more sleeping hours. I'm starting to regain my interest in reading. I wanted to finish another Korean drama but my obese and aging body is always calling me to sleep. On the few hours I'm awake, I watch The Voice with my family, while enjoying a bottle of Coke and a bag of potato chips. This has been my definition of peace and tranquility lately. Everything seems to feel right whenever I'm with them. In between, I check my social media accounts and entertain myself with valuable items in my newsfeed. Here are some interesting reads from my social media accounts.

KFC's search for Goblin's wife lookalike - Several days ago, a netizen noticed a KFC crew who has resemblance with the popular Korean actor, Gong Yoo. I guess the company took advantage of the opportunity. There's a sudden advertising campaign formulated. Unless otherwise, everything has been planned from the start.

An insightful read for HR professionals, managers and rank and file employees - Times are changing, there's always a better way to do everything. I hope the points raised in this article warrants some attention... and action.

This Facebook Community Summit - So much to learn and realize after watching this video. Never knew the power of Facebook groups. I was also amazed by the fact that Facebook is engaged in research based and customer empowering activities.  

Here are more beautiful things that made the past week in photos.

My weekly planner mess - My current sources of happiness are stickers, sticky notes and more paper products.

Discovered this inspiring planner from Mother E! - The 100 Bucket List will make it as one of my favorite items for 2017. For those interested, I discovered some sellers from Ali Express offering it for a cheaper price. 

Thank you Terra and Marieken for the postcards and wonderful messages. 

On usual weekends, I'm always rushing whenever Sunday arrives. I love that this time, I'm able to take things slow and my exposure towards negative people are lessened. :p No matter how much I rant, I can never get rid of them. #Fact #Reality Whatever it is, I just hope that I emerge as the better person after everything. Can't wait for the day when I reread this post and realize a lot has changed. I will eventually laugh about everything. There will surely be better days ahead.