Sunday, January 6, 2019

Beautiful Sunday # 345 - First of January

Time flew fast, it has been a great holiday break. We had our last day at work, I toured friends in my hometown, New Year's eve came and the last few days were spent with the family and accomplishing some freelance work. I'm back to work this week and sure enough, I will struggle adjusting with my 7 am classes. If there's anything to love about early morning classes, it's the less crowded trains and cold morning breeze. 

Other than working from home, I spent the past days watching movies. I finally saw Coco, Pitch Perfect 3 and The Greatest Showman. You'll never go wrong with any Disney film. I love the plot twist and Mexican traditions, where most Filipinos can relate. I enjoyed Pitch Perfect 3, although my favorite is still the second installment. The Greatest Showman lived to my expectations. And just like that, I'm beginning to like Zac Efron again. Hahahaha Despite controversies on his personal life, his talent never diminished since High School Musical. I also can't believe he's already 31 years old?!?!

Meanwhile, I can feel everything I ate from Christmas to New Year's eve. ;) I'm praying I can still fit in my work uniform tomorrow. The fruits look great, but I will not pretend, I'm not the best person to trust when it comes to dieting. I will eat the fruits but, losing weight is another story. It's a new year's resolution that has never been fulfilled. 

One of the best things I received last year was the set of essential oils. I also received new variants before Christmas. Thanks P!

 I still can't believe that the holidays are over. But life or work has to go on. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. Hello Diane! I cannot count na how many movies I watched during the rainy holidays, hindi ko tuloy nabisita ang tyangge sa Riverpark dahil sa panahon, naging tradition ko na pa naman yun every Christmas holidays. I liked The Greatest Showman and Coco too. I was fooled by Rebecca Ferguson in that Never Be Enough scene, I thought she was the real singer, lol!

    Happy 2019 to us :)

    1. The Riverpark used to be my jogging place on weekends. Tapos after mag-jog nagtitingin tingin sa mga tindahan :) But the desire to earn money (freelancing) is stronger hahaha So lately, wala ng exercise.


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