In the previous years, my birthday usually falls on a working day. My default plan was either, take a leave or report for work and treat my friends for dinner. Last month, my birthday landed on a weekend. I didn't have plans. All I felt then, I didn't want to spend another birthday sleeping or cleaning up my room. A few days before that weekend, I decided I wanted to have Samgyeopsal (Korean Grill) with my two cousins. At first, I thought of having a DIY Korean grill. I felt reluctant because it might emerge expensive. My cousin also told me, we didn't have the sauce and side dishes to create an authentic Samgyeopsal experience. In the end, my cousin brought me to a hidden and quiet Korean grill in my hometown.

I have tried the two popular chains of Korean Grill : Samgyupsalamat and Romantic Baboy. While both are great, I get discouraged with the long lines and absence of reservation options. Good thing, my cousin is aware of this rather quiet and organized Korean grill.

The first thing I noticed is the spacious place. Unlike the usual unlimited Korean grill, Gui Gui has wider tables, bigger chairs with back rest, clean and well maintained area and larger dining space. It's way better than the usual tight and jampacked Korean grill places in Manila. The better dining atmosphere in Gui Gui also makes it ideal for children.

Gui Gui's unlimited Korean grill is also budget friendly.  Diners can choose from three options

Option 1 : Buffet for Php 249 - limited to their Korean buffet offering 
Option 2 : Korean Buffet and Unlimited Pork for Php 399
Option 3 : Korean Buffet, Samgyeopsal and Beef Belly for Php 449

If you have friends and or children not into Korean grill, Option 1 provides a money saving deal. We opted for Option 3 so we can maximize and try all their meat for grilling.

The Korean buffet is actually semi - Filipino. During our visit, the buffet have fried chicken, fish fillet, tempura and varied desserts. Fruits in season are also served. 

One of best things about their buffet is the DIY Bibimbap station

Among their meat products, the marinated and spiced pork belly was the best

Overall, I'm giving 5 out of 5 stars for Gui Gui. They may have limited options or variants for beef and pork. However, the better dining atmosphere, excellent staff and extensive buffet selection made it for me. 

Gui Gui is located at the famous food strip of Lilac Street SSS Village in Marikina City.