The past week was my first week back at work. After a three-week holiday break, I'm back to my default mode. Morning classes, office work, traffic, repeat for the entire work week. I thought everything was working well, not until I was plagued with a bad case of backache. It started in the middle of the week and up until typing this post, the pain is testing me to the fullest. Bending, sideways movement and most of all, getting up from bed feel so painful. I'm not sure if the cold from the office's aircon, heavy bags or bad posture from prolonged laptop usage caused everything. My body, which has been rested for three weeks, could have been overwhelmed with my first week at work.

Speaking of work, I was suddenly alarmed with deadlines. I have to accomplish a critical task in the middle of the week. Added to this, some freelance work came along the way. It's a blessing but as always, I'm tied with deadlines again. Though admittedly, I hope this will continue the entire year. I was hoping to achieve some #adulting goals this year. And if time and resources still permit, I wish to have a travel opportunity this year. Crossing my fingers, I hope I'll be able to accomplish these items.

Meanwhile, here are more from the past week in photos

Helped someone in baking cookies this weekend 

This Oreo Ice Cream on a stick is love! - I thought it was an ordinary cookies and cream ice cream on a stick. But surprise, it tastes way better than I expected.

How I wish weekends will be forever like this. In reality, these only lasted for a few minutes. Much of my weekends were spent sleeping (oversleeping), freelancing and rushing to some errands.

Books - I have a pile of unread books from two years ago. This has been the main reason why I don't anymore buy anything fiction. I'm hoping to revive my interest in reading this year. I wish to spend more time reading, than browsing my social media accounts. 

And there are days when I wish I could wear my own clothes to work. While I'm thankful for the free office uniform, there are days when I want to wear my favorite cowl neck tops from unif0rm.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!