A few weeks ago, my social media accounts were flooded with video clips of the kid, who bullied several of his classmates. It happened in a known Catholic institution serving the upper class market. The incident was proof that inflicting harm and experiencing oppression chooses no place. Even the finest places and situations can bring devastating to traumatic experiences to anyone.

I thought everything was working well last week. I thought I was on default working mode. Unfortunately, something unexpected happened. The incident is something I will never forget this year or probably, the rest of my working years. I was challenged to a verbal discourse. I tried my best to handle the incident, I kept my patience and composure. I endured more than 15 minutes of  unjustified anger and unreasonable frustration from a person in position. I later realized that more than harassment, what happened was a form of bullying. That person will probably not agree. I don't care. As far as I know, proper workplace protocol dictates that complaints from other departments should be addressed to the designated manager. No one has the right to reprimand or challenge subordinates outside your department. It should always be manager to manager, superior to superior. Otherwise, the workplace is silently promoting a culture of oppression. I hope persons in position will always be conscious of this protocol. Subordinates are always tied to pacify the incident. They can't justify their situation, as it may lead to a possible case of insubordination.  

I could have easily shrug off the incident. Unfortunately, I received another set of sharp words. Someone told me, it was after all my fault. I wasn't seeking sympathy. But being blamed after trying my best to remain calm and respectful is either way, not encouraging or uplifting. Truth to be told, this "post-incident" comments from a critical person equally hurt me. Just as I was trying to pick myself up, here came another person who ruined my remaining self-esteem. 

The past week was a mess. I was hoping to recover and start again next week. Unfortunately, experiences like these do not easily go away. Work has to go on and  I have to wear that mask of professionalism. I will face these people, accomplish my work and act as if nothing happened.   

A few days before weekend, I was already planning some activities. I will visit my cousin. I will call my friend A and invite her for another round of samgyeopsal. I would jog on Saturday morning and seek fresh air from the riverbanks.

As always, nothing happened. I stayed home to finish a freelance work. I did some online shopping and almost bought another pair of sneakers. Too bad (or too good) the yellow Onitsuka Tiger I was aiming got sold out. :( In the end, weekend went like the usual. I stayed home and ate whatever I like. 

And a little positive to end this post. The Body Shop's Drop of Youth Cream and Olay 7 in one Serum never fail to save the day. These two have become my reliable my anti-aging or anti-stress weapons.