It was one of those weeks I wanted to end. I was looking forward to stay home and forget concerns from my everyday environment. I had too much in a week. I was thankful to the two friends who lent their ears. I appreciate my cousins, who unexpectedly treated me for lunch and dinner. It was a great way to temporarily forget some emotional burden. I hope everything will become better next week. But from the looks of everything, all else remain uncertain. 

Whenever something turns out bad, I try my best not to spread the negativity. I voluntarily help someone. I render a good deed to a random person. It may not necessarily address my struggle, but being able to help feels equally rewarding. It also makes me realize, it's not hard to be on the shoes of a good person. It's always better to help, than make other people feel miserable.

So much about my sentiments, here are some photos from last week.

Lazy weekend afternoons are made of this cheese board

Enjoying travel coffee table books and wishing that I'll be able to travel again soon

Speaking of books, my pile of unread fiction remains untouched. I don't anymore buy anything fiction these days. It has become a battle between my books and social media accounts. Gone are the days when I can squeeze in a great read on the way to work. 

A random reminder I encountered from an old self-help book

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!