The past month was a mess. :( In the previous years, the first month of the year gave me accomplishments, pleasant surprises and unexpected outpour of freelance works. I'm still fortunate with freelance works. I had a minor accomplishment, a report I've been struggling to finish was finally submitted. But the mess was one for the books. As they say, same old wounds never truly heal. It will bleed at the slightest word. I learned how to become uninspired, damage your self-esteem and pretend that everything is working well. I have been wanting the month to end and so as my personal struggle. I hope February will be better. I hope misery will be replaced by recovery. I'm also looking forward for the quick national holidays this month. If resources were not a hindrance, I would have booked a travel getaway. I would probably end up visiting the mall, try another quaint restaurant in my hometown and if an opportunity comes, drown myself with another freelance work. But from the looks of everything, it feels like money holds the decision. Sad, but this is reality.

This weekend, I randomly watched a documentary, movie and a Korean drama series. I can't understand why documentaries about Gianni Versace's death is all over my social media accounts. I watched a shallow yet feel good movie, My Lucky Star. I watched it because I recognized Zhang Ziyi, who does not seem to age. A friend told me to check out Sky Castle, another Korean drama series, that concluded last November. It was far from the usual feel good romantic flix. It's a family drama and as always, depicting the lives of South Korea's high society. 

My recent favorite is Sinon Sinek's TED Talk on Leadership. His talk reminded me of the book, Leaders Eat Last. To my surprise, he is the author of the book. :D His talk was simple, uncomplicated, something you wish that all leaders possess. My takeaway from this TED Talk, heartcounts matter more than headcounts. 

Slow and easy weekend mornings

Weekend afternoon snacking 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!