The past weekends were always spent rushing some freelance works. After several weeks, I finally have a free weekend. I didn't plan anything, all I wanted was to spent much time sleeping. I had more than enough, but as of typing this, part of me still feels that this weekend was not enough. Or maybe, I just feel lazy to return for work. 

The past week was quite full. It started when we braved the streets of Binondo on the eve of Chinese New Year. We had dinner and watched the dragon dance in Ongpin Street. Though I noticed, the decors and festivities seemed to lessen over time. I went home full and spent the holiday at home. On Thursday, I took time off from work and I have to say, it was a great decision. I attended to some errands, had a bowl of laksa, dropped by Landmark (the home section is my favorite) and also checked out Zara's ongoing sale. :p  To all the working girls reading this post, I highly encourage taking a leave from work, when you feel the need to have it. It does not necessarily mean an out-of-town getaway. Visiting a nice place within the city, trying a new restaurant, buying your comfort food, visit the spa, sleep for at least eight hours or spend it with people, who makes you feel better.  It clears your mind, provides a temporary escape and from experience, makes you a better person when you return to work. 

Slow and relaxing mornings - There's no better way to start the day with a full breakfast without the need tor rush for work. 

I discovered that my favorite oil are those that possess a citrus, minty and cooling scent. For the first time, I also tried mixing variants of oil. I love the blend of rosemary and mexican lime.  I also learned that rosemary is the easiest and safest oil to blend. 

On Friday night, I went to Fully Booked and almost decided to leave empty handed. I don't anymore want to buy fiction books, I have a pile of them. I went to the genre of self-help books (badly needed it these days), but the prices were way out of my budget. The same goes with coffee table books. I went to the magazine section and took home this architecture and interior design read. 

A few of my favorite things lately - The Cath Kidston badge case from Mother E, a handmade leather phone case, my favorite essential oils, Design Anthology and some items I used for my postcards.

Here are snippets from our unplanned Binondo trip on the eve of Chinese New Year 

Thank you to the staff of  Ramada Hotel for being so accommodating. :)

Not really from Chinese New Year, ;) but from a recent Korean barbecue dinner with my cousins. I should have not uploaded this, I'm seriously craving for another round of unlimited Korean meal. 

Wishing everyone a great week head! I hope it will be better for all of us.