The past week was something I look forward. I had a three-day mandatory leave from work. As always, I made plans and half of it didn't push through. :p I took home some work from the office. I gained a freelance work, which I thought I can accomplish over the weekends. I was aiming to complete a five-day morning run. My ending, only half of the tasks were completed. 

I also took the rare break to tour friends in my hometown. I brought them to Pelina Shoes and Industriya. Everyone enjoyed shoe shopping and great food. We ate the best cakes and ended the day with champagne. I hope I'll be able to do this often. It's a grown up activity I always enjoy. #TurningTita :D

The Art of War for Women - The books is everywhere in my social media accounts. I'm enjoying the book. My reading pace is quite slow, but I'm enjoying a few pages everyday. This book definitely made my 2019. This is a book I would highly recommend to everyone, even among the members of the male populace. If you are in a decision making stage, the more you should read the book. If you are disappointed with life in general, troubled by people who ventured on cheating than hardwork, challenged to remain principled and ethical despite rampant viciousness, you should read the book. It will make you realize at the end of the day, no one loses with hardwork, values and integrity. 

Homemade Hits - Leftover meat from sisig, spices and cheese and thin crust bread made an afternoon pizza treat. Not the healthiest, but definitely cheaper than my new bad habit of ordering food via Grab services. 

A new addition to my collection - So happy to finally acquire my own Funko Pop of Captain Marvel. She remains as the unpopular Avenger but for some reason, I enjoyed the movie and loved her character. 

There's another holiday in the middle of the week, it will be Father's Day and I have a major work that needs to be accomplished. I have more than enough rest but as always, those days don't feel enough. 

Wishing everyone a great and productive week ahead!