Life the past days has been so disorganized. I'd like to believe there is enough time for everything. It's just that my strength and energy share a different perspective. I checked entries from my planner a year ago, life was so different. After a day at work, I can squeeze some exercise before going to sleep. I was on the way to achieving my ideal body weight. My BMI is almost nearing its normal state. Christmas happened, I enjoyed the few lbs I lost and some unexpected changes at work entered. I easily felt the additional weight. With my current state, I'm not sure if I can still carry out my routine last year. The exhaustion each day is calling me to sleep or stress eat.  My unexplained body pains are making its presence again. This habit has to break. I don't want to feel like a sore loser again.

While making this post, my mind is simultaneously making a list of all the things I needed to accomplish. I might as well write them down here.

Things to Do
1. Complete freelance work #1
2. Follow up with client freelance work # 2
3. Major report at work #1
4. Major report at work #2
5. Another report #3, but not of high priority
6. Two pending presentations
7. Pay a visit to our Project Consultant
8. Clean up and organize my files
9. Back up and migrate files from my old laptop
10. Visit my dentist

Some of these tasks need to be completed within the week. The rest can be placed on procrastinator mode until the end of the month. I wanted to make another list, defining the tasks I hate to do. :p Maybe that deserves another post. :) 

Other than work, the past week was filled with unplanned dinner after work. It started on Monday when I learned a former student, who lost her house from a fire incident. She was able to salvage her valuables before the fire damaged her residence. In the middle of the week we met a colleague, whose mother passed away. Same happened last Friday, we had dinner to cheer up a colleague from all her problems. I've been hearing unfortunate events last week. I hope the upcoming week will be better. 

A few months ago, I expressed my disappointment on former colleagues who spoke ill of our workplace through their social media accounts. This week, I encountered a similar case. It started when a colleague expressed disappointment to some internal systems that need improvements. In the course of the conversation, she vowed to never allow her younger brother to pursue studies in our school. She would always chose another school or not allow her brother to study at all.  It will never be her option. TBH, I felt insulted. Part of me wanted to express a sharp and painful counter-argument.

We may not have the perfect workplace. I think even top performing companies have areas to improve and at some point, make employees feel dissatisfied. What I don't see as acceptable are employees bad mouthing their own employers. It may sound extreme but I remember the edited thought of T. Siedner. If you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem? I'm not sure why some colleagues cannot appreciate the privilege of free education to their dependents. Our school even extends the privilege to siblings, nephews, nieces, which is not the case for all schools.

I maybe wrong but from my experience, those who spoke ill of their employers are most likely, the "problem-employees." They are usually the complainers, hard-headed, self-centered and low performing employees. There's a high chance that they don't belong to the rare group of hardworking, honest and concerned employees. They often see problems against other people and the system. What they failed to realize, they belong to the group that attempts to drag and put down everyone in the company. 

So much of my negative thoughts, there are far more beautiful things that happened last week. I woke up early last Saturday to attend a family event. I felt exhausted and woke up in time for dinner and slept as early as 9pm. I still feel tired. :p It was also my father's birthday. We ordered food and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. My heart will always be grateful for milestones like this with my family.

I still feel that this weekend was not enough. But life has to go on, my deadlines, tasks and all the decisions I have to make. :)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!