The past week's theme, I'm thankful it was over. It was filled with both expected and unexpected tasks. I was so occupied, it went to the extent that other concerns became irrelevant. If there's anything rewarding other than accomplishing tasks, it's the Friday night dinner with friends and weekend Binondo trip with my cousins. We had noodles, dimsum and capped off with some late night humorous conversations. I can't even remember the last time I laughed that hard. I needed that.

In the midst of everything, these thoughts came last week

Growing old has become directly proportional with the number of people I lose - I cut ties with some people, who handed me the scissors in the first place.

Time and distance - I have proven this many times. Other than misunderstandings, time and distance serve as the real test of friendship. 

You will receive help from people you never expect - I was surprised with the help and attention I received from the online community, particularly blogging. One of them is Sharon, who never fails to leave me with sensible advices on career and work life. This inspires me to pass the good deed forward. 

Silence does not guarantee stillness. Some people have mastered the art of dragging the silent, secured and humble individuals to the cliff of their self-centered intentions. I've been a victim of this many times. 

There's a proper venue to send complaints. Unfortunately, social media is not always a good idea.  (But TBH, I'm guilty of expressing my frustrations on products and companies through my social media accounts.) The recent incident involving a celebrity vlogger, who humiliated someone from the medical profession, reminded me of using proper avenues. It's always better to personally send complaints to the management of a particular product or company.  I also thought of the Data Privacy Act of 2012. No person and his / her personal information be exposed or used without their consent. More than handling the public outrage, the vlogger has some legal implications to deal with. 

Last Friday night - We tried The Great Buddha Cafe at Binondo last Friday. They have on going promotional offer. A claypot meal entitles you to avail any of their dimsum for Php 1! I will post a review of this restaurant soon. 

Also in the photo is Yi Fang's Aiyu Lemon Green Tea. I think I'm liking Yi Fang's set of Signature Tea than their line of Brown Sugar Milk Tea. I still prefer Gong Cha's wintermelon milk tea, Black Scoop for brown sugar milk tea, Moonleaf for the best Lychee Nata with Yakult and Happy Lemon's  Oreo Milk Tea. 

And on the shopaholic wish list

I was happy to cross an item in my bucket list. Check out the photo above, maybe I'll send a prize to someone who can identify :)

Keith Haring x Lacoste Collab - Been eyeing this polo shirt for quite some time. It's already on sale and I sought the help of an Instagram based shopper. It still costs around Php 6,000 to acquire it. :O Times like this, I wish I have a US based friend who can buy for me. Hahaha

Frances Valentine's Bucket Bag - Since I love Kate Spade I thought of buying something from the company she last owned. I've been wanting to buy this bucket bag. Though it's already on sale, $ 198 is still expensive for my wallet.

These two books from Kate Spade : She by Kate Spade and All in Good Taste, I'm left with two books to complete Kate Spade's hardbound collections.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead and for fellow members of the female populace, a manageable hair, cooperative skin and a less bloated tummy. :p These simple yet hardest to achieve conditions will always be, more than enough to make every woman happy. :)