Two things I look forward whenever a work week ends. Weekends spent with the family and a great Friday night. A chance to score a great deal from the mall, a slice of cake, tall glass of iced fruit tea and more often than not, a great meal with friends. Last Friday, I had the rare chance to eat out with some workplace friends. We decided to visit Binondo and try The Great Buddha Cafe. 

Whenever I visit Binondo, my go to places include Estero (never mind if dirty haha), Sincerity Chicken, Mr. Ube, Wai Ying and Yin Ying. This time, we decided to try something new. I figured out last week was the best time to try The Great Buddha Cafe. 

Situated in the heart of Binondo, The Great Buddha Cafe is within the same building of the largest branch of Eng Bee Tin. I believe it shares the same owner with Eng Bee Tin. 

Prices of food range from Php 200 to 500. They have individual meals and dishes good for sharing. While prices are reasonable, I find the choices quite limited. I even have a feeling that their sister restaurant, Mr. Ube has more selections. 

The promotional offer that caught our attention

I wanted to try the dry noodle. But when I saw the dimsum promo, I opted for the claypot meals. Each claypot has generous amount of servings, both on rice and beef slices. But taste has a different story. The beef was too sweet and for some reason, I tasted so much fat.

I availed the promotional offer and chose hakaw or shrimp dimsum. The dimsum was okay.  Although I later realized, it was the same frozen dimsum sold in Eng Bee Tin's grocery downstairs. :)

Other than food, the place was filled with Filipino and Chinese souvenirs for sale.

The highlight of the place is the statue of The Great Buddha

Food was okay, I'll give it 3 out of 5 stars. The restaurant was clean, spacious and organized. The staff are friendly and very accommodating. For these two factors, I'll give the place 5 out of 5 stars. 

The Great Buddha Cafe
UBE Tower, 
628 Ongpin St, 
Binondo, Manila