This weekend's theme was food. Make it more specific, comfort food. It started when I saw a unopened bottle of Tostito's Salsa Con Queso at home. I bought the perfect partner, a bag of Tostitos chips. The racks of chips were calling me to try the Chunky Salsa. And just like that, my Php 500 is almost gone. :D To my consolation, everyone at home was happy. Those who didn't like oozing taste of cheese enjoyed the sour and spicy kick of Salsa. It looks like my family found another expensive habit. :)

Still about food, I had lunch with my former mentor at a popular grill restaurant in Manila a few weeks ago. I kept coming back for this meat wrapped mushroom. It took me a while to figure out the mushroom used. I kept visiting the vegetable racks of Rustan's Fresh. Until last Friday, I saw the mushroom I've been searching for weeks. It took me a while to figure out the Enoki Mushrooms. I also bought slices of bacon cut pork belly. I marinated the pork belly, left it overnight and wrapped the mushroom the next day. Come Saturday, we grilled the meat and had a sumptuous lunch.

Not picture perfect, but the taste is 5 out of 5 stars. Although next time, I'd like to experiment. I hope to insert a thin slice of cheese in each wrap. My parents enjoyed the wraps dipped in Tostito's Chunky Salsa sauce. 

I still have mixed thoughts about The Body Shop's DOY serum. Same goes with the benefits of the facial roller.  I will finish the entire bottle and hopefully write a review.

The book that has been in my blog and Instagram account for months already. I will finish this book and soon enough, share my learning points. 

I joined the bandwagon. :) I bought myself a pair of Stan Smith from Adidas Originals shop in UP Town Center. I love the branch because of the great selection of sneakers and the friendliest sales team.

And some photos from my mobile phone

Rainy day Japanese dinner with Alexia at Dohtonbori

Thank you Ann of The Art and & Soil for these low maintenance office plants. I discovered Ann through Instagram after initially exchanging messages about books and Korean dramas. Soon enough, I discovered her small business. If you need ornamental plants for your home and office, you might want to check out Anne's account. I assure you, it's not expensive. :) 

Finally, Yi Fang! I got to try another new milk tea in town. They opened a branch in Binondo, way closer than the usual sites of other popular milk tea joints. 

This electric hot compress from SM has been my constant companion this week. I had unexplained back pains again, which caused me to bring this portable compress to work everyday. 

Black Scoop's Brown Sugar and Takoyakiks - Lazy afternoons at work are awaken by Grab Food Delivery Hahaha 

In my wish list - This MacBook Air is in my ultimate wish list!!!! Upon initial computation, I realized I will spend around Php 80,000 for a unit and a complete set of accessories. 

My favorite home buddies, Oreo and Gray 

The past week was challenging from my end. When I learned of my fate a few months ago, I made my list of fears and worries. True enough, half of it is gradually unfolding to my eyes. If I didn't have a few friends who supported me, life would have been so messed up. I'm indebted to friends, who made life way better.